Enlightenment Plaza Serves as Model for The Provision of Permanent Supportive Housing for The Formerly Homeless

Enlightenment Plaza Serves as Model for The Provision of Permanent Supportive Housing for The Formerly Homeless

LOS ANGELES, CA - As California goes through its coronavirus crisis, progress towards development of permanent housing options for the homeless becomes an ever more apparent public health and safety priority.

In Los Angeles, an important model for PSH is making its way through the planning process and is due for approval and construction start over the next six-month period. 

Enlightenment Plaza will be a place where the formerly homeless can find an environment designed to provide the best support for their recovery and reintegration into the main stream of American life at a pace that they can control.

Located in an area which will not intrude into surrounding neighborhoods, but will nevertheless be within a transit intensive zone.

Anchored by its proximity to the metro red line station at Beverly and Vermont, Enlightenment Plaza will complement the existing facilities that have been developed by path in the same area, with 330 additional units of PSH, with places for veterans, and other homeless men and women who have experienced chronic homelessness.

The development is planned to encompass four to five phases of development over the next three years which will focus on delivery of on-site services and a variety of entrepreneurial activities designed to bring the tenants back into mainstream America, with emphasis on the "social contract" concepts of the Enlightenment theorists that are still of such basic value and currency today.

By building a complex of sufficient size, the project development team, comprised of the Pacific Companies, Flexible PSH Solutions and Killefer/Flamang (KFA) Architects, has been able to design a gated community which will provide the desired place of refuge for the tenants while taking advantage of shared facilities and modular technology designed to hold the cost per unit at the $450,000+/- level, or roughly $200,000 below the norm for recent scattered site PSH developments. 

The development will have the added advantage of displacing a long time on-street camping enclave which has symbolized the problems of the homeless in the area over the past four to five years.

Stay tuned for progress reports on this model development.

Source: Pacific Companies / Flexible PSH Solutions / Killefer/Flamang Architects

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