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Founded on a vision to accelerate the flow of information in the multifamily marketplace, MultifamilyBiz.com is the largest media platform for the multifamily housing industry - delivering news, events, and resources to more than one million monthly visitors.


monthly pageviews

We have more traffic than a large airport on a Friday afternoon.


social reach

Friends, fans and followers are sharing thousands of articles daily.


media partners

We fuel blogs, websites, and even our friends at Google News.

Industry Focused

Our team is led by multifamily housing innovators who redefined the concept of an open media platform.

Connecting the Dots...


Beyond the headlines, we are built for our audience to shares stories.


We keep you informed with a deep list of industry conferences.


Find vendors, jobs, and even an apartment – we have it all.

Changing the Game

In the platform-first, customer-centric digital economy, the role of media is to seamlessly connect an audience to information. Legacy media channels have been slow to adopt to the arrival of agile social networks, mobile platforms, and user generated content models. MultifamilyBiz.com has forever changed the rules of the game, not only by delivering insightful content to its evolving and growing audience, but creating the place and space for contributors to distribute focused digital media

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