Multifamily Leadership Announces the Top 25 Best Places to Work Multifamily for Women

Multifamily Leadership Announces the Top 25 Best Places to Work Multifamily for Women

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — Today, Multifamily Leadership, the producers of the Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit and the Multifamily Women’s Summit, announced the official list of the 25 National Best Places to Work Multifamily for Women, whose numerical rankings will be released March 18-19, 2020 at the Multifamily Women’s Summit

It’s become no secret that Multifamily Leadership is an advocate for building strong company culture within the multifamily housing sector. The Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit is a two-day summit held each November that strives to reimagine the industry through innovative leadership practices and cutting-edge technology. The summit is also responsible for orchestrating the Best Places to Work Multifamily program, which recently recognized 58 best-in-class multifamily organizations for their role in providing a strong workplace culture to employees.

Through the Best Places to Work Multifamily program, Multifamily Leadership has highlighted the multifamily housing industry’s deep focus on people, as well as its support of more than 17.5 million jobs and monumental 3.4 trillion-dollar contribution to our nation’s economy each year. Best Places to Work Multifamily recognizes companies that have established and consistently fostered outstanding workplace environments. The program is part of a long-term initiative to encourage growth and excellence throughout the multifamily housing industry, while attracting new talent, innovators, and leaders to the sector.

Following the success of this program, Multifamily Leadership has implemented an all-new initiative that will continue to grow and refine the industry’s workforce: 25 National Best Places to Work Multifamily for Women. This exciting, new award program is based on data gathered from Best Places to Work Multifamily, which serves as a qualifier for this prestigious, first-of-its-kind list. Of those 58 first-rate organizations, 25 have earned a spot on the list of National Best Places to Work Multifamily for Women. According to the women surveyed, these property management companies provide a positive, fruitful working environment for women.

As Carrie Antrim, Director of Operations at Multifamily Leadership, explains, “The ultimate goal of programs like the Multifamily Women's Summit and National Best Places to Work Multifamily for Women is to create a place, where women can share and incubate ideas — and have it be all on an even playing field. As with the annual Multifamily Leadership Innovation Summit, this summit is thought-based and encourages innovation to solve challenges women face in the workplace today.”

The 2020 Best Places to Work Multifamily for Women, arranged alphabetically, are:

Alco Management, Inc.

American Communities

Apartment SEO

Baron Properties


Centra Partners, LLC

Continental Properties

CWS Apartment Homes


IMT Residential

JVM Realty

Keener Management

MC Residential

Northland Investment Corporation

Olympus Property

Passco Companies

Pathlight HOME

Portico Property Management

Presidium Property Management


RMK Management Corporation

Stonemark Management

The Franklin Johnston Group

TI Communities

Weller Management, LLC

Registration for the 2020 Multifamily Women’s Summit is now open. For more information about this or the National Best Places to Work Multifamily for Women, visit

Source: Multifamily Leadership

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