Village Green Expands to New Cities and Broadens Relationship Value with the Service-Minded Renter

Village Green Expands to New Cities and Broadens Relationship Value with the Service-Minded Renter

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI - Village Green, a nationally-recognized apartment management and services company, announced that it has recently completed a year-long strategic transition where it realized an expansion in its corporate portfolio to new markets, including Atlanta, and Phoenix as part of the company's valued and growing relationship with property owners looking to create stronger connections with experience-minded renters.

Led by Village Green's passionate and engrained belief that the customer needs and impressions should be at the core of every interaction, the company has furthered investment in social media channels and touch point surveys in order to gain real-time feedback. As discerning renters seek a more meaningful experience between renter and property manager, the incorporation of feedback and social community channels has taken down traditional barriers while building up a hospitality-minded atmosphere.

This expansion of properties and services completes a one year strategic transition led by CEO Diane Batayeh, a long-time Village Green team member and advocate, whom has worked to redefine the relationship that the company has built with its ever-expanding, national portfolio. An industry veteran, Batayeh has sought to create a company with hospitality ideals that connects with everyone at a one-to-one level, while also understanding the needs and desires of a discerning renter. It is under Batayeh's leadership that the company has placed a greater emphasis on understanding and satisfying the needs and passions of every customer as a corporate mission.

"When you have a team that wakes up every day with a commitment in seeing the customer have the best experience possible, that is truly at the core of what makes Village Green special," Batayeh noted. "We are encouraging all of our people to create authentic experiences that lead to stories people want to share, so as we expand to new cities, so too does the emphasis around demonstrating our value in each unique relationship."

An expanding portfolio for the service-driven renter

Renting an apartment is no longer just a transaction between the renter and the property manager. With amenities such as coffee bars and lounges becoming standard requested features, the relationship between Village Green and its customer has also matured in order to meet these challenges and deliver authentic experiences.

This push toward being the creator of experiences and storylines has also led Village Green to expand communications within its expanding customer base. From building out resident portals and offering text-based alerts, to interacting with its renter community via social media networks, Village Green continues to evolve its technology-based services in order to increase communications and create more valuable connections.

"As part of our continued focus on creating greater relationships with our customers, we have taken direct feedback and combined it with our experience in integrating technologies into our services," said David Ferszt, president of Village Green Management Company. "The response across the board has been simply amazing and inspirational, as we continue to invest in our most valuable asset – our greater Village Green community.

The company's "people-first" mentality has been at the center of Batayeh and Ferszt's collective leadership. From encouraging employees to bring new technologies to the table, to hosting an open dialogue with its associates and customers, Village Green has truly embraced the value of the experience. This focus on each individual has created a company-wide culture where each employee seeks to deliver meaningful experiences at every turn.

After all, Village Green offers something more than just an experience – it offers a home.

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