Burkely Communities Foresees Continued Demand for Off Campus College Student Communities

Burkely Communities Foresees Continued Demand for Off Campus College Student Communities

GREENSBORO, NC - Burkely Communities, a full-service real estate firm specializing in apartment communities, rental homes and college student apartments, foresees continued demand for off-campus student communities designed to support students' academic success. Its Burkely Student Communities division operates 13 student apartment communities in North Carolina. 

"Students and their parents continue to be concerned about rising student debt, high college costs, and the competition for good jobs," said Jay Robinson, President and CFO of Burkely Communities. The Institute for College Access & Success reports seven in 10 college seniors graduate with an average student loan debt of $29,400.

While the college costs continue to rise, recent studies suggest finishing college greatly enhances future income potential. Per USA Today, federal data indicate those completing a bachelor's degree earn 56% more in their lifetimes than high school graduates.

"We have seen growing interest in Burkely Communities from students – and their parents – who are focused on academic success with an eye on improving career or graduate degree prospects," added Sterling Kelly, Burkely Communities' CEO. "Burkely-run student communities are designed, staffed, and managed to give academically-focused students an edge in achieving their full academic potential…and with the reward of rental discounts for good grades."

Burkely Student Communities near Appalachian State University, University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG), North Carolina A&T University, and other campuses are designed to offer an off-campus living experience conducive to academic success.

Burkely Student Communities offer perks like rental discounts of $100 or more per semester for high grades, exam quiet hours, decompression zones, designated study areas and lounges, and healthy snacks. Residences include quiet courtyard apartments at The Park East and The District's private high-rise studios close to UNCG.

"While there's certainly a social dimension in our communities, our primary focus is supporting students' efforts to succeed in school," commented Kelly. "We believe it helps pave the way for a lifetime of success."

Backed by the pledge that every Burkely Communities' employee will do whatever it takes to ensure each resident is given every opportunity to fulfill their academic potential, the appeal is clear: "The unconditional 24/7 help from the Burkely staff is impeccable," said Guilford College senior Lily Wotkyns. "Burkely does a thorough job making sure I have all the resources to finish my homework or anything I need for school. The community is respectful, quiet and a place where I can be successful and thrive."

Source: Burkely Communities / #Student #Housing

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