Leveraging the Power of Technology Helps Property Managers Fill Vacancies in Multifamily Communities

Leveraging the Power of Technology Helps Property Managers Fill Vacancies in Multifamily Communities

LANCASTER, CA - Developing a strong online presence is crucial for property managers looking to advertise vacancies, but it can be difficult to make sure that visibility is targeting the right renters and valuable opportunities aren’t being overlooked. Fortunately for property managers, there are valuable tools, which leverage technology to not only get your properties noticed, but they help expedite the rental process.

For property managers, Google is a great place to start.  It begins with renters being able to find the great properties they are looking for. According to Kerry W. Kirby, founder and CEO of 365 Connect, statistics demonstrate that approximately 90 percent of all housing searches begin online.

Numerous boutique sites and services continue to gain traction, promising to simplify the process or make it less overwhelming for renters. It can be difficult for property managers to know where to advertise or to ensure they have not missed out on a prime opportunity to do so.

This dilemma is why Kirby’s 365 Connect was founded, to give property managers a technology solution for “keeping up with the Joneses.” Kirby’s team stays on top of current and future trends, so clients don’t have to. With 15 technology awards under their belt, 365 Connect has been leading the market in creating a fully integrated platform that not only gives a community its own branded online presence, but seamlessly markets it across the Internet.

“It is viral marketing 101, as it automatically puts our clients’ communities on multiple sites with zero effort on their part,” said Kirby. “As the internet has become a crowded place, there’s no one secret place we can place something on the Internet anymore and expect an avalanche of people to come walking through the door, we need to be everywhere.”

Staying on the leading edge of technology is no small task, which is why 365 Connect is always following how consumers interact with marketing, search and media consumption, and often looks outside the multifamily industry to find its answers.

The unique blend of marketing solutions is more than syndicating leasing data; 365 Connect brings to the table its ability to deliver a mixture of information and messages that begin on a property website and seamlessly post to social media sites. According to Kirby, this “message mix,” entices a user to return to the property’s community website.

After visiting the site, it’s time for the applicant to demonstrate what a great renter they will be. Online leasing solutions from 365 Connect help simplify the process for property managers. The online application eliminates data entry redundancies to help qualified tenants move in to their new homes faster.

“After exploring everything 365 Connect has to offer, CIC, a nationwide leader in tenant screening since 1986, knew this was a platform their clients could trust,” said Ryan Green, CIC marketing manager.

365 Connect’s integration with CIC, helps property managers feel confident that the background check, complete with nationwide criminal and eviction histories are included in one comprehensive report. The same information entered into the application by renters is used to furnish the tenant screening report, which eliminates redundant data entry, enabling reports to be processed in seconds. 365 Connect’s partnership with CIC not only saves property managers significant time, but it delivers faster decisions so vacant units can be rented quickly.

Green added, “By leveraging best of breed technologies that offer flexibility and convenience, property managers can fill vacancies more efficiently. Today’s renters are continuing to look for a streamlined, no-hassle approach to finding and moving into their next apartment home – these integrated platforms and services aim to give property managers everywhere an advantage to serve future residents, while maintaining a strong return on investment.”

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