RealCrowd Announces The First Online Marketplace For Institutional Quality Commercial Real Estate

RealCrowd Announces The First Online Marketplace For Institutional Quality Commercial Real Estate

PALO ALTO, CA - RealCrowd has run nearly $50 million of income producing commercial real estate assets from San Francisco to Washington DC through its platform in five weeks. From office buildings to retail stores to apartment communities, the RealCrowd online investment platform brings investors direct access to the high-yielding commercial real estate market.

RealCrowd is the platform where investors can browse and select assets and partner directly with the real estate experts (operators). The real estate operators also invest their own capital into the properties and are in charge of the day-to-day operations to maximize value for these tangible assets. Investors then get to share in passive recurring annual income that comes from rent generated by these properties.

The platform was created to allow the best real estate operators and developers to showcase their investments (RealCrowd rejects over 90% of operators that apply to utilize the platform).

RealCrowd is based in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Palo Alto and was founded by industry veterans Adam Hooper and Roman Rosario with $3 billion of institutional real estate experience.

The platform was created to provide access to this high-yielding asset class to even more investors. “The new SEC regulations, specifically Rule 506(c), finally allow direct access into this investment class for investors who have historically never had access. No longer is the country club network the primary way to distribute opportunities.” Adam Hooper

“Our primary mission is to give investors a seat at the table with the best real estate operators across the United States without charging the investors any fees. It’s a very unique opportunity.” Roman Rosario

Adam and Roman are joined by tech experts JD Conley and Andy Norborg that are in charge of building the safe, secure portal. “Compliance, security, scalability are our three priorities.”

RealCrowd is live and currently has opportunities to browse, select and invest.

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