365 Connect, PadMapper Integrate Marketing Platform

365 Connect, PadMapper Integrate Marketing Platform

NEW ORLEANS, LA – 365 Connect, the New Orleans based, award-winning online technology platform provider for the multifamily industry, announced today the integration of its Marketing Syndication Platform with PadMapper, a location-based apartment rental search engine that delivers available apartment units on a full-screen map interface. The integration automatically distributes all of the marketing data from apartment communities using the 365 Online Leasing Center to PadMapper via the 365 Marketing Syndication Platform.

This integration reflects and supports the shift in the multifamily market away from obsolete marketing strategies towards more economical and effective online marketing technology. 365 Connect research has repeatedly demonstrated that today’s renters are online, search oriented and gravitate to the most efficient user-friendly sites when seeking an apartment. This powerful integration delivers high market penetration through distribution of 365 Connect’s client listings across the PadMapper Platform.

PadMapper has emerged as one of the most popular apartment rental search engines in the market with over a million visitors each month. PadMapper’s offers real time filtering and a unique browser interface that displays apartment listings as the user moves around the full screen map. Zooming into the map loads more listings in that area, zooming out broadens the search. Listings are filtered out or allowed back into the results as filter sliders are moved. PadMapper delivers apartment listings from hundreds of internet listing and classified sites, assuring its users a robust search experience.

“We are excited to extend our Marketing Syndication Network to include PadMapper, they have been a leader in creating a true localized apartment search engine that users just love,” stated Kerry W. Kirby, CEO of 365 Connect. “They are the model for delivering map-based plotting searches in our industry not just on desktop browsers, but in mobile platforms as well. This integration amplifies our message that we are the next generation platform for the multifamily industry, capable of not only marketing communities across the internet, but eliminating redundant marketing efforts and reducing operating expenses.”

Eric DeMenthon, Founder of PadMapper added, “I’m excited to be adding 365 Connect’s listings to PadMapper. 365 Connect will deliver listings directly to PadMapper from its database, which should ensure that they’re always up-to-date and accurate and will help make it so that renters don’t waste their time with unavailable listings. The new listings should also help PadMapper succeed in its goal of letting people search every available rental listing on the market.”

The Marketing Syndication Platform is a joint product of 365 Connect and MultifamilyBiz.com, which harnesses and syndicates information across the Internet through multiple data feeds from 365 Connect’s Network of Online Leasing Centers. The powerful MultifamilyBiz.com platform serves as the data hub and entrance point for the syndicated feeds, delivering detailed community information inside a single interface.

Going beyond traditional hosted websites, the 365 Connect Technology Platform gathers and sorts data into bundles and then mass syndicates the most relevant data that apartment shoppers are seeking (such as photos, floor plans and pricing) across the Internet. The Marketing Syndication Platform saves multifamily property owners time and money through the elimination of redundant marketing efforts, which typically demands an extraordinary amount of management staff time.

In today’s ever-expanding Internet marketplace, in which 90% of all housing searches start on the Internet, it is vital that multifamily owners and operators market their communities online efficiently and inexpensively. 365 Connect strives to place each of its clients’ apartment communities in as many online destinations as possible with automatic, real-time updates in a seamless process that property managers never have to touch, see or update. By pushing the leasing information from the 365 Connect Platform across high traffic sites, such as PadMapper, 365 Connect clients are ensured that their most needed property information is reaching online prospects across the breadth of the Internet.

365 Connect and MultifamilyBiz.com are proud to align their Marketing Syndication Platform with PadMapper to create integrations that help fulfill their mission to drive quality traffic to all of the 365 Connect Online Leasing Centers. This powerful and timely addition to the already robust 365 Connect Technology Platform further cements 365 Connect’s role as the leader in creative, leading edge, award-winning web-based technology solutions for the multifamily industry.

PadMapper is a location-based apartment rental search engine with real-time filtering. PadMapper’s entire browsing interface is taken up by a full-screen map, and listings are loaded as the user moves around the map. Zooming into the map loads more listings in that area, zooming out broadens the search. Listings are filtered out or allowed back into the results as filter sliders are moved. Apartment listings from hundreds of apartment listing and classified sites are included. For more information visit: www.PadMapper.com

MultifamilyBiz.com is the Next Generation Internet Platform for the Multifamily Industry and is the place to be for everything touching multifamily housing. MultifamilyBiz.com covers the entire spectrum of multifamily housing, including market-rate, affordable, student and senior housing, in both the rental and for sale markets. From the latest industry news, member posted press releases, to its robust vendor directories, MultifamilyBiz.com is dedicated to providing a suite of focused, leading-edge, online tools and resources designed to maximize and accelerate commercial activities in the multifamily marketplace. For more information regarding MultifamilyBiz.com and its services visit: www.MultifamilyBiz.com

Award-winning 365 Connect was founded in 2003 by a team of multifamily housing professionals with the primary goal of maximizing and accelerating online activities in the multifamily marketplace that reduce costs and increase revenue. Committed to delivering innovative solutions to meet the rapidly changing needs of the multifamily housing industry, 365 Connect is the industry leader in designing and delivering an array of online platforms that work in unison with each other to market, lease and retain residents in multifamily communities. The 365 Connect Platform interfaces with social media, management software, marketing platforms and a host of other third-party applications. It prides itself in being one of the most integration-friendly platforms in the industry and has proven to be so effective, that it has also gained acceptance with government programs in affordable housing. 365 Connect designs technology to enhance not only the user experience for property managers, but also prospects and residents that utilize its platforms to find, lease and live in multifamily communities nationwide. Explore: www.365connect.com

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