Silver Arch Launches New Bridge Loan Program

Silver Arch Launches New Bridge Loan Program

HACKENSACK, NJ - Backed by decades of experience and a combined partners' resume of closing more than $2 billion in loans, Silver Arch Capital Partners has been launched as a nationwide direct lender to the commercial real estate market. The firm specializes in quick closings on bridge loans to owners, investors and developers seeking financing outside the scope of traditional sources of funding. The firm's emphasis on low-cost, fast funding differentiates Silver Arch from traditional lenders.

"Silver Arch Capital Partners was formed with the goal of assembling the most creative minds in real estate lending under one banner," said Jeffrey Wolfer, president and CEO of the new Hackensack, New Jersey-based firm. "Because access to capital remains challenging in the current economic climate and can be challenging for many in any economic climate, it is important to have a depth of experience and creativity on your side when seeking financing."

Silver Arch, with experience in all phases of real estate lending to guide a borrower through the entire loan process, draws from a variety of financial resources, among them a strategic partner with a $2.5-billion balance sheet.

"In situations where a traditional source of financing might see obstacles to a loan, we see opportunity," said Wolfer. "We are prepared to fund a borrower that other lenders might have turned down. We have the creativity and flexibility to make it work."

Silver Arch Capital offers funding for everything from acquisitions to restructurings, discounted payoffs, note purchases, property improvements and new construction, for every type of real estate property. That includes multifamily—currently the most desirable of assets in the market—as well as office, retail, mixed-use, industrial, warehouse, hospitality, and land.

Loan sizes range from $5 million to $100 million, for one- to three-year terms with extension options. Interest rates range from 9%, LTV up to 75%, and fees range from 2%.

As president and CEO, Wolfer brings more than two decades of private lending experience to the firm. His resume includes over 400 loan closings totaling over $2 billion. In 2007 alone, he closed in excess of $500 million of loans and was instrumental in obtaining a $300-million credit facility from Fortis Bank.

Also part of the executive team is managing director David Vynerib whose 14-year resume includes Sigma Capital Partners, CIBC Oppenheimer, and Axiom Capital, working with investment banking clients and the firms' institutional sales and private client groups. He was also one of the founders of Citi Habitats, one of Manhattan's largest rental real estate firms.

"As capital continues to be difficult to access from the traditional banks and other lending sources, we are well-equipped to provide the access to capital that commercial real estate borrowers need," said Wolfer. "These borrowers are prepared to generate economic growth and activity and create jobs with their projects, and we are fully prepared to make that happen."

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