365 Connect Launches Affordable Housing Program

365 Connect Launches Affordable Housing Program

NEW ORLEANS, LA - 365 Connect, the New Orleans based, award-winning online technology platform provider for the multifamily housing industry, announced today the launch of its Comprehensive Online Resident Services Program for the affordable housing industry. An acknowledged pioneer in delivering electronic resident service programs to the affordable housing industry for nearly a decade, 365 Connect's Comprehensive Online Resident Services Program is the first Internet-based Resident Services Platform approved by a Housing Finance Agency, in 2004, to deliver compliance required Resident Services through the Internet. The launch of the Comprehensive Online Resident Services Program further cements 365 Connect’s role as the leader in creating leading edge, Web-based technology solutions that function across the entire spectrum of the multifamily housing industry. 

365 Connect’s Resident Services Program allows affordable housing operators to utilize a realistic comprehensive plan to serve residents living in their affordable communities. The 365 Resident Services Platform delivers educational content through its Learn TV Video Channel, providing 60 different videos across 10 different categories, such as Parenting, Money Matters, Health, Fitness, and more. Each video is hand selected and screened to make certain the content is compelling and appropriate. Further, the 365 Resident Services Platform creates linkage to local resources, a critical component to resident services, through its Get Local Mapping System. It delivers information on schools, medical services, child care and numerous other local resources. In addition, The 365 Resident Services Platform distributes community news, events and hosts a resident communication platform. The 365 Resident Services Platform is delivered in desktop and mobile versions, assuring that residents have 24-7 access on multiple devices from any location.

"Traditionally, Resident Services Programs are organized on-site, through scheduling an activity at a certain place and time," said 365 Connect President and CEO Kerry W. Kirby. "With active lifestyles, families working multiple jobs and children’s activity schedules, it is nearly impossible to achieve a good attendance record to almost any on-site program."

There are many issues with on-site programs, Kirby stated. "On-site programs are not always convenient to residents. They have a history of poor attendance and are expensive to maintain. 365 Connect has been successfully delivering relevant educational content and linkage to local resources for almost 10 years. 365 Connect’s Online Delivery method is a cost-effective solution to serve residents of affordable housing communities with a proven success rate that far exceeds on-site programs," Kirby said.

In a recent Two-Year Study of its Multifamily Internet Platforms, 365 Connect tracked usage of affordable apartment dwellers by following activity on its powerful Online Leasing Centers and Resident Services Platforms. According to Kirby, the two-year Case Study delivers detailed evidence of strong Internet usage by affordable apartment dwellers. Further, it provides the best documentation to date that services delivered online touch more residents than any other delivery method.

Federal, Regional, State and Local Housing Finance Agencies across the United States actively promote the vital combination of affordable housing and services tailored to specific resident populations. The majority of these Housing Finance Agencies require affordable housing operators to create and implement a Resident Services Program when utilizing their affordable housing financing and tax credit programs.

"We have been quietly delivering services in this market since 2003, and over the past few years, we have tracked online usage against on-site programs. We have seen a large migration to access educational content online. For example, at one community we serve, their on-site program attendance has dropped to near zero levels, while they are experiencing in excess of 2,000 views a month on educational videos on our Learn TV Platform. Residents clearly prefer this type of program. The launch of this Comprehensive Online Resident Services Program by 365 Connect delivers a total solution to developers, owners and managers of affordable multifamily housing communities across the United States,” stated Kirby.

365 Connect has been an innovator in delivering services to affordable housing communities through its content rich, award-winning Resident Services Platform. The 365 Resident Services Platform is one of the industry’s most unique and robust Resident Services Platforms available in the industry today. It is not only a proven resident retention tool and lease renewal platform, but a powerful method to deliver services to residents across the Internet.

The assemblage and publication of various Case Studies and the Online Resident Services Program demonstrates 365 Connect’s commitment to deliver leading-edge technology platforms that work in unison with each other to not only market, lease and retain residents in multifamily communities, but also provide educational and resource materials to residents across the entire spectrum of multifamily communities throughout the country.

Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, 365 Connect was founded in 2003 by a team of multifamily housing professionals with wide-ranging expertise in real estate development, management and technology. 365 Connect provides web-based technology solutions to the multifamily industry, with a focus on resident and management interaction and doing business in the digital world. Today, 365 Connect is rapidly becoming a leader in web-based multifamily technology platforms with an array of award-winning products ranging from online leasing centers and interactive resident platforms to MultifamilyBiz.com, a leading B2B industry portal. More information on 365 Connect businesses and services is available on the Web at: www.365connect.com

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