Apartment Association Promotes Renters' Rights

Apartment Association Promotes Renters' Rights

PHILADELPHIA, PA - The Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia has created a "Renter's Bill of Rights" in order to educate the public on renters' rights and landlords' responsibilities. To help make this information easily accessible, the AAGP has created the Renter Resource Center on their website www.AAGP.com

"All of the apartment management companies that belong to the Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia are committed to providing quality homes for their residents. We also understand our duty to educate renters residing at properties that are managed by unscrupulous landlords," explained James Korman, President of Korman Residential Properties, and past president of the AAGP.

"These association members have made it a priority to educate area renters on their rights," added Pamela Bennett, Executive Director at the apartment association.

Renters' Bill of Rights

Your Lease: Your lease is a contract between you and your landlord. It should clearly state your landlord's obligations as well as yours. Make sure you read a copy of your lease and understand all of its terms. Keep a copy of anything you sign.

Habitability: The property must meet your town's relevant construction, maintenance and safety codes. That includes heat in winter. Notify your landlord of problems in writing, and keep a written copy of your requests.

Fair Housing: Federal, state and local laws offer protection against discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex (gender), national origin, disability, familial status, and in some locations, sexual orientation.

Rental Insurance: Your landlord has a responsibility to insure against damages to the premises, but that insurance does not cover your possessions. You have the right to insure your personal property through rental insurance.

When Repairs are Needed: Be sure to tell your landlord, in writing, about any needed repairs as soon as possible. Keep your landlord's emergency contact information in a convenient location.

Security Deposit: Your security deposit must be returned to you within 30 days of turning in your keys to the landlord. If any money is withheld for damages to the premises, rent, or other charges, the landlord must provide you with a written account of what was kept and why. You must give the landlord a forwarding address in writing when you move out.

The Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia is a non-profit organization representing multi-family developers, owners and managers in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. The AAGP provides educational and governmental affairs related services that enhance the opportunity for quality rental housing.

Source: Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia

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