365 Connect Brings QR Codes to Marketing Platform

365 Connect Brings QR Codes to Marketing Platform

NEW ORLEANS, LA - 365 Connect, the New Orleans based, online platform architect for the multifamily industry, announced today the integration of Mobile Barcode Technology with its Marketing Syndication Platform. The integration automatically brings all 365 Connect apartment client QR Codes and marketing data from their 365 Online Leasing Centers to the Marketing Syndication Platform.

Mobile barcode technology, also known as QR or Quick Response Codes, enable apartment seekers to instantly access community information on their mobile devices using a universal barcode scanning application which transforms a mobile phone into a barcode scanner. 365 Connect clients and their prospects currently have an almost unlimited number of opportunities to push and pull mobile Web content by scanning QR Codes on print ads, business cards, banners, brochures, or any other traditional marketing materials. In providing this technology, 365 Connect is pushing each community’s individual QR Code to its Marketing Syndication Platform data hub at MultifamilyBiz.com.

QR Codes are a special two-dimensional or matrix barcode. Initially created by Toyota to track vehicle parts in Japan, QR Codes are now gaining traction in the United States with Facebook, Google and other major online service providers. Overcoming the inherent limitations of print media, QR Codes transform physical print into an interactive experience. Over one billion tags have been created with QR Codes for businesses worldwide.

Every client operating on the 365 Connect Technology Platform and integrated 365 Smartphone Platform has a QR Code. This feature creates the opportunity for a “Mobile Digital Brochure” that updates itself and places the important information for every 365 Connect client community in the hands of renters looking for a new home and existing residents in need of services.

Most Smartphone Networks including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile have QR Code applications, which makes 365 Mobile Barcode Technology ready to use. A URL is embedded in the client’s QR Codes which, when scanned, takes prospective residents to the community’s 365 Smartphone Platform. There they can see photos, amenities, floor plans and other basic community information. Through its interaction with the Smartphone’s GPS capability, users can even pull door-to-door directions. This interactive facility also offers the opportunity to reserve a floor plan, request specific information, schedule a visit to view the community and check apartment availability and pricing in real time. The 365 Smartphone Platform also enables existing residents the ability to access community news, events and videos through its integration with the community’s Online Platform. Resident’s can also pay rent, request service, contact the property manager and view all the terms of their lease from the palm of the hand. And, residents are now cell-linked directly to 365 Connect’s unique My Lease area and their community-wide message system.

QR Codes are perfect for use in multifamily housing by allowing quick access to community information via the mobile Web. With a 24-7 mobile society now emerging as the “Renter Generation,” QR Codes can be placed in a variety of locations and on every piece of marketing generated by a rental community. As today’s renters rely more heavily on mobile technology to access information, 365 Connect finds that it is critical to position its clients’ apartment communities to take advantage of this emerging technology. With current statistics showing that 91% of the United States has a mobile device, it is vital that multifamily owners and operators market their communities on an interactive mobile platform. As the leader in mobile applications for apartment owners and renters, this new tool fully positions 365 Connect’s multifamily clients to meet the demands of a highly mobile society.

Through integrating Mobile Barcode Technology with its Marketing Syndication Platform, 365 Connect now powerfully integrates both its Smartphone Platform and Marketing Syndication Platform to create another method of driving traffic to 365 Connect clients’ communities. This integration reinforces the mission of 365 Connect to reduce its clients’ operation costs and increase traffic and occupancy. By increasing the number entrance points for apartment shoppers to access community information and eliminating redundant marketing efforts, an extraordinary amount of management staff time is saved for other high priority demands.

This powerful and timely addition to the already robust 365 Connect Technology Platform further cements 365 Connect’s role as the leader in creative, leading edge, Web-based technology solutions for the multifamily industry.

About 365 Connect, LLC: Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, 365 Connect was founded in 2003 by a team of multifamily housing professionals with wide-ranging expertise in real estate development, management and technology. 365 Connect provides web-based technology solutions to the multifamily industry, with a focus on resident and management interaction and doing business in the digital world. Today, 365 Connect is the leader designing and delivering Web-based multifamily technology platforms with an array of products ranging from online leasing centers and interactive resident platforms to MultifamilyBiz.com, a powerful and robust B2B industry portal. More information on 365 Connect businesses and services is available on the Web at: www.365connect.com

Source: MultifamilyBiz.com

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