Smartphone Enabled Resident Portal Launched

Smartphone Enabled Resident Portal Launched
NEW ORLEANS, LA - 365 Connect today announced the launch of its 365 Mobile Resident Services Portal for Smartphones. Fully integrated with the online version of the 365 Resident Services Portal, the expansion brings vital community connectivity to renters on-the-go. This powerful addition to the 365 Connect Technology Platform further cements 365 Connect's role as the leader in creating leading edge, Web-based technology solutions for the multifamily industry.

365 Mobile Resident Services Portal enables residents to access community news, events and videos through its integration with his or her community's Online Platform. They can also pay rent, request service, contact the property manager and view all the terms of their lease from the palm of the hand. And, residents are now cell-linked directly to 365 Connect's unique MyLease area and their community-wide message system. Built to automatically conform to various screens and browsers used on mobile devices, 365 Mobile Resident Services Portal comes without the visual skewing that accompanies most Websites when viewed on a mobile device.

The new mobile application works across the major SmartPhone networks including Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile. It works in conjunction with the 365 Mobile Leasing Center by delivering the resident section from the main Website's navigation with both being fully integrated with, and mirroring the community's Online Platform in real time.

Designed to deliver to residents the same capabilities and user experience as a desktop computer, 365 Mobile Resident Services Portal and 365 Mobile Leasing Center do not require any additional URL's or "forwards" to another domain. Mobile browsers are auto-detected and the community's mobile platform is delivered seamlessly while interacting with each community's Online Platform through market "push" access points. Ease-of-use is further enhanced with "mobile" icons on every page and the "Send to Mobile" feature.

365 Connect is fully aware that the renters of today are deeply immersed in online social networking as a way of life. Taking social networking in the multifamily industry to the next level, 365 Mobile Resident Services Portal delivers interactive links to each apartment property's FaceBook and Twitter pages.

365 Connect's extremely popular Learn.TV video channel is now mobile too. With video viewing now accounting for 69% of all mobile data traffic, the 365 design team built 365 Mobile Resident Services Portal to interact with YouTube for Mobile, the top mobile device video channel in the world. YouTube for Mobile comes pre-installed on both the Apple iPhone and Android, and has a downloadable APP and mobile web version supported by almost every SmartPhone in the market. Current and future residents are now be able to view the Learn.TV educational, self improvement and entertainment videos seen on the online version of the Resident Services Portal through the interactivity of 365 Mobile Resident Services Portal with YouTube for Mobile.

Going far beyond traditional hosted websites, 365 Connect builds and maintains platforms which enable its multifamily applications to sort data, integrate with other platforms and syndicate leasing information across the Internet. The ultimate benefit is the elimination of redundant updating of community information and delivering online communication tools for current residents that go far in helping communities meet the demands of a highly mobile and socially interactive society.

As today's renters rely more heavily on mobile technology to access information, 365 Connect positions its clients' apartment communities to take advantage of this ever-changing market where 91% of American consumers have a mobile device. 365 Connect advises its multifamily owners and operators to not only market their communities on an interactive mobile platform, but deliver information and communication tools to their existing residents in the same format. The 365 Connect Technology Platform automatically updates contents and makes the whole process seamless, so that property managers never have to touch, see, or update it.

Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, 365 Connect was founded in 2003 by a team of multifamily housing professionals with wide-ranging expertise in real estate development, management and technology. 365 Connect provides web-based technology solutions to the multifamily industry, with a focus on resident and management interaction and doing business in the digital world. Today, 365 Connect is rapidly becoming a leader in web-based multifamily technology platforms with an array of products ranging from online leasing centers and interactive resident platforms to, a leading B2B industry portal. More information on 365 Connect businesses and services is available on the Web at:

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