365 Connect Launches Social Media Integration

365 Connect Launches Social Media Integration
NEW ORLEANS, LA - 365 Connect today announced the launching of its Social Media Integration with Twitter and Facebook. Fully integrated with the 365 Online Leasing Center and 365 Resident Services Portal, the integration enhances the already robust 365 Connect Technology Platform with the ability to make real time posts to Twitter and Facebook. This powerful and timely addition to the 365 Connect Technology Platform further cements 365 Connect's role as the leader in creative, leading edge, Web-based technology solutions for the multifamily industry.

Seeking a cost efficient solution to manage Social Media networks, the multifamily industry is desperately looking to innovative online technology firms for effective solutions to create and maintain Twitter and Facebook pages for apartment properties. Not only is the social networking process costly and time consuming, but it also tends to deliver inconsistent and irrelevant content rather than the messages and information a community is trying to stream across the Internet.

Unlike the old fashioned manual method that drives managers crazy, 365 Connect Technology Platform automatically posts content from 365 Online Leasing Center and 365 Resident Services Portal in real time to Twitter and Facebook. Leasing Specials, Community News and Calendar Events are pushed into the Social Media sites as they are posted by each community's management team...no double entry required.

365 Social Media Integration, already a bundled, economical solution for multifamily leasing and retention, grants the freedom to managers to eliminate the third party posting services that charge a fee to push out messages that have nothing to do with the community itself. Facebook "Friends" and Twitter "Followers" can be assured that they are not receiving ill-timed, irrelevant garbage. 365 Social Media Integration thereby maintains the integrity and credibility of each community's social networking involvement while reaching deep and wide across the Internet.

With live, real time postings, the 365 Connect Technology Platform includes an application for a direct, authenticated social network connection using each social network service's Application Programming Interface (API). With one click in the Manager Admin Panel of 365 Online Leasing Center and 365 Resident Services Portal, the community begins automating its posting to Twitter and Facebook. This allows a community to use their existing Twitter and Facebook pages or create new ones without expensive third party assistance or additional maintenance costs.

Upon authenticating the service, Twitter and Facebook icons with interactive links to the community's social networking pages are delivered on every page of the community's 365 Online Leasing Center and 365 Resident Services Portal, as well as on the community's 365 Mobile Leasing Center. Additionally, 365 Connect places Social Media Share Tools on its 365 Online Leasing Center and 365 Resident Services Portal to allow site users to easily pull content from the site and push it back into various Social Media sites.

With Social Media growing at a faster rate than any other social interaction in history, the multifamily industry has embraced these channels as both marketing and resident retention solutions. Facebook and Twitter are probably the best known and most frequently utilized Social Media sites. Facebook users exceed 500 million, and Twitter now has over 190 million registered users. Considering that Twitter has over 180 million unique visitors every month, and Facebook has now exceeded Google in market share, these channels have become a must have for apartment communities across the nation.

The 365 Technology Platform delivers the ultimate solutions for the multifamily industry with its unique ability to broadly distribute leasing and community information, automatically update content and make the whole process seamless. Once initiated, property managers never have to touch, see, or update the platform. 365 Connect is committed to its mission to create integrations that reduce operating expenses and increase revenue through attracting leasing traffic and retaining residents.

About 365 Connect, LLC: Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, 365 Connect was founded in 2003 by a team of multifamily housing professionals with wide-ranging expertise in real estate development, management and technology. 365 Connect provides web-based technology solutions to the multifamily industry, with a focus on resident and management interaction and doing business in the digital world. Today, 365 Connect is rapidly becoming a leader in web-based multifamily technology platforms with an array of products ranging from online leasing centers and interactive resident platforms to MultifamilyBiz.com, a leading B2B industry portal. More information on 365 Connect businesses and services is available on the Web at: www.365connect.com
Source: MultifamilyBiz.com

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