Green Home Builder Opens West Coast Office

Green Home Builder Opens West Coast Office
WALTHAM, MA - Green home builder Blu Homes, Inc. today introduces its West Coast team, opening a new office in San Francisco. Paul Warner, former president of Michelle Kaufmann Designs, and new creative director for Blu's mkDesigns line, will run the West Coast design team. Joining him is Blair Porteous, director of West Coast operations, and Milli Josifovska, West Coast sales associate.

"California is both the heart of America's green movement and its advanced technology center, so we are excited to be expanding our presence here," said Bill Haney, founder and CEO of Blu. "As one of America's most talented and experienced architects of green prefab homes, Paul Warner played a central role in designing the original Glidehouse and Breezehouse, and in overseeing the construction of more than 30 of these beautiful homes across the West Coast.

We are delighted to have him lead our team to upgrade these extraordinary designs, using our advanced proprietary technology to bring them conveniently and cost effectively to families across the region."

"Blu believes in a team approach to serving its customers. Blair Porteous's talents and experience in developing residential construction projects and negotiating regulatory (permitting) challenges , partnered with Milli Josifovska's rich history of committed customer service, Paul Warner's design skills and the advantages of Blu's proprietary technology combine to offer our West Coast and mkDesigns customers unmatched value," added Haney.

Warner is a registered architect and a licensed contractor in California and has been designing beautiful green prefab homes for 15 years. Porteous owns an mk home designed by Paul Warner and has a deep background in commercial and residential real estate development, as well as expertise in California regulatory and permitting issues and a long history serving customers in the green prefab business.

Josifovska is a Blu customer as well as West Coast sales rep. "Milli's Blu Evolution is scheduled to be delivered to her Lake Tahoe property in December. Milli knows so much about our product, and loves it so much, she decided to buy one," said Maura McCarthy, vice president of sales and marketing. Milli has an extensive background in technology sales and marketing and has overseen the construction of three homes for her family.

Blu Homes, Inc. has a variety of residential and commercial eco-friendly, green prefabricated home designs and has delivered homes to families and businesses across the U.S., from New York to the Colorado mountains and the California coast. With the application of Blu's folding technology, mkDesigns are now available across the country, beginning with the Glidehouse.
Source: Blu Homes

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