Launches Craigslist Posting Tool Launches Craigslist Posting Tool
ATLANTA, GA - As the old adage goes, "if you can't beat 'em…join 'em!" In the last decade Craigslist has grown into a well-known, solid source to market everything from mountain bikes to artwork, jobs to dating. Apartments is no exception as more leasing agents at management companies wake up each day and begin the Craigslist posting process. RentWiki wants to help the process. According to many management companies that post their apartment listings to Craigslist:

A basic text posting of an apartment to Craigslist can take anywhere between ten to twenty minutes.
Depending on the depth and detail, an html apartment posting can take between thirty minutes to two hours.

The Craigslist Posting Tool by RentWiki allows management companies and apartment communities to post cleanly designed, html ads on Craigslist complete with photos, floor plans, office hours and much more in less than two minutes.

On average, Craigslist receives about 30 million self-published ads each month and services more than 450 cities worldwide. The operative word is "self-published," which means people have to physically post the ad themselves. A data feed or automated program is not allowed on Craigslist according to their usage terms and conditions. It's for that reason RentWiki is introducing this time-saving product.

"Like all other services provided by RentWiki, this one is free," explains Robert Turnbull, president and co-founder of "We know that clients want performance-based products and tools at their disposal. We know they are more than willing to pay for services provided they work and only want to pay when they do. The Craigslist Posting Tool by RentWiki is no exception and it's free to all RentWiki clients." is the first rental website to utilize social media to help renters answer the important question: "What are the local residents saying about the neighborhood?" The website couples a rental search with user-generated content, neighborhood reviews, and the ability for renters and locals to talk to each other. RentWiki's ultimate vision is that finding a place to live should be an interactive and community driven process.

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