New Start-Up Helps Landlords Determine Rents

New Start-Up Helps Landlords Determine Rents NEW YORK, NY - When renting out a unit, it can be difficult for landlords to estimate the going market rate. Given that rents vary based on location, unit type and a long list of possible features, it can be a challenge to determine rental rates. The Rentables (, a website listing apartments for rent, has been able to provide a simple solution for landlords.

Andrew C. MacDonald, one of the founding partners explains: "We provide a map based rental search which allows landlords to see all of the available listings surrounding their properties. Available units can be filtered by building type, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a variety of common amenities. Essentially, The Rentables allows landlords to get a quick handle on the pricing for comparable rentals in their area. This valuable data helps landlords make intelligent decisions when setting rental rates."

The Rentables has been actively working with landlords to make the rental listing process as quick and painless as possible. In the development of the feature rich website aimed to help tenants find their next rental, the firm's owners found that landlords could use these same features to gauge market rents. This start-up encourages both tenants and landlords to try the website for themselves and provide feedback.

Incorporated in August 2009, The Rentables now serves thousands of visitors each month. MacDonald believes that traffic to the website will continue to grow at a rapid pace as more and more people continue to become familiar with the benefits that the site offers to both landlords and tenants.
Source: The Rentables

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