365 Connect Launches Data Feed With Cazoodle

365 Connect Launches Data Feed With Cazoodle
NEW ORLEANS, LA – 365 Connect, the leading edge, web-based technology platform provider to the multifamily industry, announced today that it has launched its live data feed integration into Cazoodle.com's Apartment Search Engine through 365 Connect's latest product, the 24-7 Leasing Center syndication platform. The integration automatically brings all of the apartment community marketing data for 365 Connect's multifamily clients to Cazoodle.com.

The 24-7 Leasing Center is a joint product of 365 Connect and MultifamilyBiz.com. Its primary function is to harness and syndicate information across the Internet through multiple data feeds from the 365 Connect Network of Online Leasing Centers. MultifamilyBiz.com serves as the data hub and entrance point for syndication platform.

Contrary to traditional hosted websites, 365 Connect builds and maintains platforms, which are able to harness data into sorted bundles. These bundles then pull the most relevant data that apartment shoppers are seeking, such as photos, floor plans, pricing and other community information, and then mass syndicate those crucial elements across the Internet. The syndication platform saves time and money through the elimination of redundant marketing efforts.

In today's ever expanding Internet marketplace, 365 Connect finds that it is critical to place its client's apartment communities in as many places as across the Internet as possible, have the data automatically update and make it a seamless process that property managers never have to touch, see, or update. With current statistics showing that 90% of all housing searches start online, it is vital that multifamily owners and operators market their communities online efficiently and with timely updates. Having the ability to distribute leasing information into high traffic sites such as Cazoodle.com pushes the most important property information out to prospects that are actively looking for housing across the Internet.

Cazoodle Apartment Search is being touted throughout the multifamily housing industry as the "Next Generation Search Engine" for apartment rentals, and 365 Connect and MultifamilyBiz.com are proud to partner the "Next Generation Platform" with Cazoodle. Cazoodle uses the intelligent crawling and indexing technologies developed at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for building large scale search and integration services. "Our deep Web crawling technology is proven to scale to thousands of sources," says Govind Kabra, CTO of Cazoodle. Cazoodle Apartment Search aggregates rental listing data from over 10,000 websites to enhance its mission of driving quality traffic to all of the 365 Connect Online Leasing Centers.

Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, 365 Connect was founded in 2003 by a team of multifamily housing professionals with wide-ranging expertise in real estate development, management and technology. 365 Connect provides web-based technology solutions to the multifamily industry, with a focus on resident and management interaction and doing business in the digital world. Today, 365 Connect is rapidly becoming a leader in web-based multifamily technology platforms with an array of products ranging from online leasing centers and interactive resident platforms to MultifamilyBiz.com, a leading B2B industry portal. More information on 365 Connect businesses and services is available on the Web at: www.365connect.com

MultifamilyBiz.com is the place to be for everything touching multifamily housing. From its robust vendor directories to professional blogs, MultifamilyBiz.com is dedicated to providing a suite of focused, leading-edge, online tools and resources for maximizing and accelerating commercial activities in the multifamily marketplace. For more information regarding MultifamilyBiz.com and its services visit: www.MultifamilyBiz.com

Established in August 2006, as a startup company from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Cazoodle aims to enable "data-aware" search - to access the vast amount of structured information beyond the reach of current search engines. The company is co-founded by Professor Kevin C. Chang and his research team of graduate and undergraduate students, with the support of the University. Cazoodle provides effective access to the structured information on the Internet. While current search engines index pages only as unstructured documents by keywords, the Web has continually grown with a large amount of structured data, in every domain (e.g., hotel, airfare, real estate, products). Cazoodle develops products and technologies for large scale integration of the structured data on the Web. Visit Cazoodle at www.cazoodle.com
Source: MultifamilyBiz.com

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