New Site Takes Neighborhoods Live

New Site Takes Neighborhoods Live NEW YORK, NY - NabeWise Media, Inc., an emerging leader in the local space, launched today in New York and San Francisco. NabeWise allows users to quickly and easily understand what any neighborhood is like. Now people can explore neighborhoods, discover new ones, and find the perfect place for them.

There are over 80,000 neighborhoods in the US alone, and they are all distinct in their people, setting, and culture. Many people want to know what different neighborhoods are like, including people moving, travelers, and curious locals.

In particular, people moving want to find a place that fits their identity, lifestyle, and values. "The average American moves every five years, and while choosing a neighborhood is as important as choosing a home, there has been no resource that helps people easily understand an area before they look at listings," says Ann Baldinucci, CEO and Founder of NabeWise. Real Estate agents also need a resource to help them educate their clients about an area.

"After moving over 30 times, I know how difficult it can be to spend days driving around, talking to friends, and piecing together fragmented information, only to choose the wrong area and have to move again," she adds.

NabeWise solves this issue in several ways, including an innovative NabeFinder search engine and real-time neighborhood rankings across 65 key attributes such as trendy, clean, artsy, and other things people actually talk about. For the first time, people can easily sort and find neighborhoods based on their personal combination of preferences.

Once people narrow their search, NabeWise brings each neighborhood to life with a combination of photo tours, reviews from locals, a comprehensive scorecard, and a unique NabeRep tool that captures the dynamic, local reputation of each place. Together, these features allow people to understand any neighborhood as if they have already lived there. NabeWise will be rolling out additional cities and features over the coming months.

Before founding NabeWise Media in 2009, Ann led Sourcing at Glocap Search, where she developed a system to reverse engineer organizational charts using social media. She also consulted with Flavorpill doing web analytics. Ann started her career in 2002 at Corporate Executive Board (EXBD), where she helped deliver insightful, decision-critical content to Fortune 500 executives. Ann is joined by Ben Hughes and Andy Kramolisch, who oversee development at NabeWise.
Source: NabeWise

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