Senior Housing Group Formed

Senior Housing Group Formed PORTLAND, OR - Senior Housing Investments, LLC (SHI), a consortium of companies that have come together to assist financial institutions deal with troubled assets in the senior housing sector, announced today its services for lenders and investment bankers with current or planned investments in Assisted Living communities. SHI is designed to assist with the evaluation and investment strategy in communities that need improvements in operational efficiency, sales and marketing, regional management and the implementation of information technology.

With more than 35 years experience in the development, management, operations and marketing of more than 300 successful senior living communities valued at over $1 billion, SHI is addressing the immediate market demand for senior housing investment and asset management.

SHI and its subsidiary Senior Housing Management (SHM) along with the First Guardian Group (FGG) and Vigilan software now offer a proven set of services and investment options to financial institutions looking to reposition or dispose of non-performing assets. SHI focuses on acquiring senior living communities in most areas of the United States. With its equity partner the First Guardian Group, SHI is able to work with lenders and investment banks to remove troubled assets off a bank's balance sheet. SHI is currently working with lenders across the country to acquire properties that meet the investment criteria.

"Current estimates point to approximately 10,000 Assisted Living Facilities in the U.S. that are underperforming, either experiencing negative cash flow or less than 20 percent net operating income," stated Christian Mason, Co-Founder and CEO of SHI. "After many years of positive performance, the Assisted Living industry is at a critical crossroads creating a need for strategic investment services that support both lenders and owners."

"With today's economic situation, investors can no longer rely on property valuations to offset operational inefficiencies that affect profitability. Many lenders do not have the interest, expertise or time to invest in overhauling the operational efficiencies of a community. By partnering with SHI, we fill this gap and evaluate all the aspects of building and maintaining an investment that will positively impact the overall valuation of an Assisted Living community," added Mason.

The strategy for increasing each community's profitability includes a combination of increasing operational efficiency, the implementation and utilization of management and information technology systems, staff training, and strategic alliances with regional operators - all the while maintaining a commitment to increasing the quality of life for residents.

Senior Housing Investments, LLC leadership brings industry knowledge and expertise in all facets of the senior housing industry. The Senior Housing Investments team is a highly skilled and experienced team that has combined for more than 200 years of industry achievements. Over the past 35 years these professionals have been leaders in the development, operation, management and marketing of more than 300 successful senior living communities representing more than 30,000 units, including continuum-of-care, retirement, assisted living, Alzheimer's care, skilled nursing, home care, home health, hospice and congregate care communities. This experience provides valuable insight into the life-styles and values of the people who reside in senior living communities, and the people who serve them.
Source: Senior Housing Investments

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