DotLoop to Launch at NAR Expo

DotLoop to Launch at NAR Expo CINCINNATI, OH - The future of online sales in the U.S. real estate industry has taken a quantum leap forward with the unveiling of DotLoop, the first collaborative environment tailored to make life simpler, more efficient, more profitable and eco-friendly for banks, brokers, REALTORS and their clients. With DotLoop, Founders/Partners Austin Allison and Matthew Vorst are bringing sizzle, substance and style to an enormous, yet web-stubborn segment of the U.S. economy that direly needs it: real estate.

Within five years, DotLoop projects to be a $100 million company serving REALTORS and their clients in 50 states. Based in Cincinnati, the company integrates superior technology with an intuitive, user-centric touch.

"Why hasn't anyone done this yet? I don't know. I'm glad they haven't. My guess is nobody has yet been able to do it right. You can't say the money isn't there," said Allison, a 24-year-old wunderkind who was selling homes as a licensed REALTOR while still in high school.

The internet has dramatically changed and improved business processes, separating the men from the boys in the corporate world. It's delivered in ways and means inconceivable just years ago.

So why haven't property sales followed suit - with real estate widely recognized as a harbinger of economic fortune, a historic barometer of the nation's financial health?

"Real estate, for whatever reason, remains a holdout. Not for long," continued Allison.

He and Vorst, a webmaster from acclaimed ad agency Bridge Worldwide, have built DotLoop's foundation in conjunction with REALTOR/Beta users, professionals who are working, thriving salespeople themselves, people who get it. And want to make money off of it.

REALTORS have been priceless contributors to the user-friendly software architecture that is DotLoop. An enhanced version was unveiled Oct. 23. The national splash is occurring in San Diego in two weeks, at the mother of all real estate conventions: the REALTORS 2009 Conference & Expo.

DotLoop will be all live demos and product tours at the show, including an Exhibitor's Theater presentation on Nov. 14 from 1-2 p.m.

"We are the iPhone of real estate. The differentiator with DotLoop is our collaborative environment, merging three web commerce disciplines into one service: online forms, transaction management and electronic signatures," said Vorst.
Source: DotLoop

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