Green Condos Open With Buzz

Green Condos Open With Buzz NEW YORK, NY - The Green Envy Development Group and Giancola Contractors successfully launched the opening of The Silhouette with a four-day Showcase and Open House on September 17, 2009. The environmentally-ambitious residential project is slated to become the first low-rise new construction condominium building in New York City to attain both LEED Platinum and Energy Star certifications, once completed. The Silhouette, a four-story 5,500-square-foot condominium building, is located at 272 21st Street in Brooklyn's South Slope.

"I am quite pleased with the reception of The Silhouette during our opening weekend," said Robert Roth, CEO of the Green Envy Development Group. "We had more than 400 visitors on site. Real Estate industry professionals, homebuyers, and neighbors who hold a curiosity for the Sustainability movement, all asked intelligent questions and expressed nearly unanimous appreciation for the building's aesthetics and its green features."

After a a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of The Silhouette, the Showcase and Green Expo featured notable guest speakers and leaders in green building technology including Sharon Griffith of NYSERDA; Dr. Ron Vitori of Green Peak Group; Amy Norquist of Greensulate; Caleb Crawford of Coggan & Crawford Architecture; Robert Roth of Green Envy Development Group; and Tim Brown, Co-Founder of

Dr. Vitori, who is also the former chair of the Long Island Chapter of USGBC, offered this on The Silhouette project, "It is great to see LEED and green design concepts being incorporated into projects such as this. It shows that not only can innovative construction and design be accomplished, but it is also practical and makes business sense. The developers of The Silhouette should be congratulated."

During the event, industry professionals networked with developers, architects, investors, brokers, government representatives, green building professionals and vendors. Attendees were given the opportunity to tour the condo units and evaluate the benefits and costs of owning or building a green home.

"The Silhouette represents an early, bold step in the direction of making green living available to the rest of us," said Ryan Slack, CEO of, the event organizer. "No longer is green building only for huge developments and high-rises; the developers of the Silhouette have shown that green is not only possible but even affordable for a four-unit building. The crowd of professionals that clogged the rooms at Thursday's event attests to the interest in this and future endeavors of its kind."

Visitors were also treated to an exposition of local green building services, including, the NYC-based e-commerce platform allowing owners, developers, and contractors to buy and sell leftover building supplies, which can also be useful for LEED certification requirements. The event was supported by the following exhibitors: Greensulate, a Manhattan based firm specializing in green roof design and installations, Kamco, a local green building materials supplier; DoorStop, a green door supplier; energy reduction specialist Energy Management Solutions; and, a source for green-retrofit client leads.

"It is clear from the popularity of the event that The Silhouette has tapped into a core value for people. Greensulate is thrilled to be involved with this project which demonstrates green building success from the green roof to the floor," offered Amy Norquist, President of Greensulate.

In addition to the green building showcase, the second floor at The Silhouette served as an art gallery for Under Minerva, which features sustainable artwork by artists Lily Gold, James Healey, Jesse Holt, Olek, Tony Orrico and Ian Trask, and is curated by Vanessa Juriga and Tony Orrico. This collection of work is made from recycled, reused and found materials to promote sustainable/eco-friendly living and consciousness.

The Silhouette's advanced green features, such as its state-of-the-art garden roof, solar panel array and new urban "community connectivity" make it among the most eco-friendly residential buildings in America.

"As a designer, I am quite happy with the building," said Caleb Crawford of Coggan & Crawford Architecture. "It succeeds both ethically and as good design."
Source: The Silhouette Condos

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