Ista Adds to Multifamily Services

Ista Adds to Multifamily Services ATLANTA, GA - ista North America announced today that it will move aggressively to fully integrate its highly sophisticated E:SO energy management and billing offerings into the services offered to the multifamily housing market. The result will be reduced costs, greater accuracy and better energy consumption management.

"At a time when many companies are cutting back or struggling, ista has the strength and commitment to increase the level and quality of services we provide to this market," says Ruediger Neubauer, CEO of E:SO and ista North America. "Combining the strength and experience of ista with the innovative technology of E:SO will give our customers a decided advantage in this difficult economic period, and in the years to come," he continued.

With ista, enhanced by state-of-the-art E:SO capabilities and technology, multifamily housing companies can more accurately capture and bill unit utility costs while identifying and reducing energy costs for common areas and residents. ista helps multifamily owners recover utility costs, immediately increase net operating income and increase property value. Services range from system installation and maintenance to energy management to financing, utility billing, and collections.

ista is one of the world's largest providers of submetering and utility expense management services to the multifamily housing market. The company has more than 100 years of experience in the industry. E:SO addresses the unmet need for energy cost management expertise with a broad scope of services and proven technology designed to save money and recover cost for properties, while helping companies achieve their green initiatives.

Since its inception 10 years ago in Atlanta, GA, the E:SO division of ista has experienced significant growth, and currently provides back-office service and technology solutions that enable utility billing of over three million meter points worldwide. The technology-oriented team of over 200 employees contains more than 80 senior software development professionals and many of the top industry experts in the competitive energy field.

The systems and services of E:SO have enabled many of its clients to achieve record growth rates, even in competitive markets and difficult financial environments. In 2009, E:SO continued expanding its service offerings with innovative new solutions that leverage Smart Meters and Home Area Networks (HANs). Now ista is bringing the benefits of the E:SO group to its multifamily clients in North America. "We believe there are tremendous opportunities to bring more value to our multifamily clients through this move," Neubauer states. "This will be both the next evolution in our services and likely the beginning of a revolution in the industry."

Through E:SO, companies now have the means to reduce both consumption and cost. Organizations can leverage their existing technology investments and processes while adding a new level of control with locally installed "smart" devices in homes, businesses, and multifamily properties. This is due primarily to E:SO's core technology called E:SO|net, an extensible service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform that enables the development of configurable and easy-to-integrate billing, metering and transaction management processes. The solution is completed by adding the technological, operational and energy management expertise of E:SO's highly trained staff.

"When we leverage the capabilities of E:SO to benefit ista's multifamily clients, the combined solution is not currently found anywhere else in one company. We are excited to announce today that our clients – and the multifamily industry – will feel the effect of this very rapidly," adds Neubauer.

To educate current and potential multifamily clients on the benefits of the addition of E:SO capabilities to the service they receive, ista is hosting a series of regional, one-day events. Learn more:

ista is the world's leading company in the metering, billing and management of energy, water and ancillary costs. ista North America serves multifamily, manufactured housing, commercial and utility clients throughout the entire process chain, from delivery and installation of equipment to meter-reading, billing and management of utility and ancillary costs.
Source: ista North America

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