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House Port Pops Up Eco Homes NEW YORK, NY - Consumers today can experience life "outside of the box" with the availability of House Port's "Pop-Up House," a sustainable living solution and alternative to modular and traditionally manufactured homes. Available for purchase and priced to give owners a world of design options, the "Pop-Up House" is a new concept in home design resulting from the work of New York-based artist, Hally Thacher. Thacher's journey in the creation and development of an eco-friendly, customizable, ready-to-assemble (RTA) and affordable home is documented in a YouTube Webisode series titled, "This New House," and will be released throughout the month at

"Today's home buyers are eager to find options for living green in a home that can be easily customized, on any budget. I created House Port with a commitment to simple design, sustainability, affordability and personalization," said Hally Thacher, President and CEO of House Port, Inc. "Our first product, the Pop-Up House, provides a new way of living by creating an open, stylish and personal environment that can be set up practically anywhere."

What is a Pop-Up House? A Pop-Up House is made of structurally insulated panels or (SIPs) and is shipped to buyers in a flat-packed, ready-to-assemble format. Shipping the product flat packed contributes to House Port's sustainability goals as it is the easiest and most efficient way to transport the product. Additionally, each Pop-Up House is shipped from the most local manufacturing facilities available, to reduce transportation impact.

A Pop-Up House consists of either one or two Pop-Up Cubes formed by SIP's. These unique structures provide ample living space, bedroom areas, kitchen and utility space. Above the cube shaped buildings, an innovative House Port, a galvanized metal roof, covers the main buildings, providing insulation and relief from the weather, as well as creating an open outdoor patio that surrounds the home.

When a Pop-Up House is purchased, the new owner receives:

Insulated, pre–fabricated interior/exterior wall and roof systems
The House Port: the galvanized metal roof structure
Architectural and engineered drawings
Step–by–step building instructions: manual and DVD

The Double Pop-Up unit, available for $160,000, provides over 2,000 square feet of indoor living space and over 5,000 square feet of indoor and covered outdoor space combined. The single Pop-Up unit, available for $75,000, provides over 1,000 square feet of indoor space and 3,600 square feet of indoor and covered outdoor space combined.

Additional Pop-Up House development costs vary based on location and design preferences such as the price of a lot/land, laying a foundation, installing doors and kitchen and bath fixtures.

House Port will launch a unique series of YouTube Webisodes called, "This New House", demonstrating the development of the Pop-Up House model home at the heart of an expansive sheep ranch in Northern California. The series documents Thacher and a small team of contractors and handymen over the twelve weeks taken to construct and finish the Pop-Up House – from preparing the home site, setting the foundation and conducting finishing touches. The series is narrated by Thacher, who describes her inspiration to develop the Pop-Up House, illustrating the building process, how she personalized her Pop-Up House and overcame common challenges, all on a tight budget.

House Port, a company dedicated to developing, promoting and marketing sustainable home living solutions, was founded by Hally Thacher in 2004 following the development of the original House Port concept in Joshua Tree, CA. A model of House Port's first product, the Pop-Up House, was completed in spring of 2009 in Northern California, based on the successful Joshua Tree experiment. House Port is a privately held corporation with offices in New York City and Petaluma, CA.
Source: House Port

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