NWP Launches Waste Services

NWP Launches Waste Services IRVINE, CA - NWP Services Corporation (NWP), the leading provider of financial transaction processing solutions for the multifamily housing industry, today announced the introduction of a new service, Waste Expert, which is powered by Waste Reduction Consultants, Inc. (WASTE REDUCTION). The new solution is offered as part of NWP's award-winning utility management product, UtilityPay Manager (UPM).

"We are pleased to introduce Waste Expert, a new service feature of our award-winning UPM service. Waste Expert further broadens the industry leading scope of our utility invoice processing for multifamily property owners. The service targets expense reduction, tightens expense controls and improves the potential of cost recovery of all waste and trash-related costs incurred by our customers' multifamily communities. These are existing and potential expense reductions that would otherwise be lost," stated Michael Radice, president and CEO of NWP Services Corporation. "Waste Expert enables our customers to put control measures in place thereby mitigating the extraordinary double digit increases that many clients have experienced over the past few years in waste disposal costs," Radice added.

Waste Expert optimizes waste expenses for customers by targeting several key components. First, all current waste-related service provider contracts are captured and organized providing a transparent view of the customer's entire expense picture. Securing this knowledge provides the foundation for invoice verification and "to-the-penny" auditing, ensuring that customers only pay the correct amounts owed to their waste service providers. The detailed contract knowledge is also leveraged for use in proactive negotiations with service providers to reduce rates and leverage buying power. On-going analysis ensures optimum usage and efficiency for the waste services being utilized. Waste Expert customers also receive centralized, one-stop support for their waste service management needs.

"UtilityPay Manager has always provided exceptional auditing and consulting capabilities to help our clients control costs, plan procurement strategies and eliminate utility theft related to Water, Gas and Electricity. Waste Expert now allows NWP to extend that same level of expertise to waste services by controlling costs and buying smart," commented Mark Gentile, Director of Product Management for NWP.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, NWP Services Corporation (NWP) provides financial transaction processing services for the multifamily industry including resident billing, resident payment and utility management. Resident billing helps owners recover utility expenses with options including convergent billing with Resident OneBill. Resident ePay allows residents to pay monthly charges with funds transferred to the bank electronically. Through UtilityPay Manager, NWP processes and pays invoices sent to properties by utility companies.
Source: NWP Services Corporation

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