Green Building Superstore Opens

Green Building Superstore Opens DUBLIN, CA - Green's going mainstream with a new breed of green home superstores. New Home Green Materials and Learning Center is set to launch a game-changing green building materials distribution and retail chain offering eco-friendly products in every category of home building and home improvement.

New Home Inc. plans to open 25 brick and mortar stores throughout California, 10 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The website is being built to be one of the most robust green ecommerce/education/social networking websites on the web. The company plans to re-use vacant Class A retail locations for their new hybrid business model of green showrooms and environmental learning centers. The first New Home flagship store will open in a former Good Guys site in Dublin, CA January 2010. Others will rapidly follow at store sites across the United States that match New Home's 30,000 square foot store plan. Each store will create about 40 green collar jobs directly and 400 jobs indirectly.

New Home aims to make green building materials as affordable and available as non-eco friendly materials. Representing over 500 manufacturers of eco-friendly products in 36 categories, New Home is believed to have the right business model at the right time, and has the potential to be the next great American company.

"I decided to create a company that would link construction trades to the green movement," explained Rich Rifkin, CEO. "If price and availability were comparable to non-green products, I believe people will buy green. They've just never had the choice before now."

More than just a place to buy eco-friendly building materials, New Home also will offer free environmental education, certification and training to professionals and homeowners at stores and online. The company's website will create portals for ecommerce, web-based environmental learning tools and green networking opportunities via a range of social media platforms.

"There's a serious disconnect between sources for environmentally-friendly home improvement materials and the people who are actually doing the work – contractors, subcontractors and DIYers," he said. "It creates a bottleneck and we're going to change that."

Home construction and improvement currently account for over 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to international scientific evidence. New Home stands to greatly reduce that number while boosting the new green economy.
Source: New Home

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