Neighborhood Solar Program

Neighborhood Solar Program KINGSTON, NY - SunWize Residential Power Systems, the premier solar installation division of SunWize Technologies, Inc., has introduced a Neighborhood Solar Program to support communities, towns and counties with their green initiatives. The SunWize Neighborhood Solar Program is designed to promote solar energy by encouraging people to band together and realize a volume discount on their systems. Through the program, SunWize teams with neighborhoods, homeowner associations and municipalities to organize meetings and provide education to interested homeowners.

The SunWize program offers discounts off of market price ranging from five percent for five homes, 10 percent for 10 homes, and 15 percent for 15 homes or more. Coupled with existing state rebates and the Federal tax credit, this program reduces the total cost of a SunWize solar electric system by more than 50 percent. Launching a program is simple. A group representative contacts SunWize to schedule a kick-off meeting. Once a group initiates a program, it runs for a period of 60 days, during which time the participants enter into contract and receive their discount.

"We often encounter enthusiastic solar champions and wanted a way to empower them to energize their friends and neighbors," explains David Kaltsas, executive vice president at SunWize. "The SunWize Neighborhood Solar Program gives these advocates resources to host an educational kick-off meeting conducted by one of our SunWize experts and financial incentives through the program's group discounts. SunWize makes it easy for forward-thinking communities and neighborhood groups to go solar."

In addition to existing statewide solar incentives and goals, many local jurisdictions are now offering their own programs. Examples are San Jose's Green Vision Plan and local government administered low cost, long term financing solutions made possible by California's Assembly Bill 811. The SunWize Neighborhood Solar Program also encourages homeowners to come together to ensure these local initiatives are successful in bringing solar to their communities.

Complementing the Neighborhood Solar Program is a new Residential Solar Financing Program offered by SunWize, which effectively overcomes one of the biggest barriers to the widespread adoption of solar: the upfront cost of the system. With its Solar Financing Program, SunWize offers homeowners a higher level of flexibility, convenience and affordability when going solar.

SunWize Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A), Inc., offers superior solar energy solutions to homes and businesses in the U.S. and abroad. The SunWize advantage is complete commitment to the customer's satisfaction. Founded in 1992, SunWize is a pioneering solar distributor delivering top-tier products to the North American marketplace. The company manufactures a full line of best-in-class engineered solutions. In addition, SunWize continues to build on its reputation for high-quality residential, commercial, public sector, and industrial installations. The company operates manufacturing and distribution facilities on the east and west coasts and sales offices throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Source: SunWize Technologies, Inc

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