Rentec Screening Pro 2.0 Launches

Rentec Screening Pro 2.0 Launches MEDFORD, OR - Rentec Direct, the nation's fastest growing free online property management software application, has answered the needs of landlords everywhere. They routinely poll the needs of their existing customers to find out what would make their jobs easier when it comes to property management tasks and have come to some startling conclusions.

First and fore-most they have found landlords need a reliable way to screen prospective renters. No company has provided reliable tenant screening information easily integrated into property management software before and Rentec Direct saw the need and filled it for their customers. For landlords using Rentec Direct's property management software, it's as simple as viewing the tenant's application and clicking the "screen tenant" button if they have collected an application online using the tools provided by Rentec; otherwise, simply entering key information about the tenant allows standalone use of Rentec's screening component. Rentec's background screening process kicks in notifying the landlord of previous tenancy history even before any reports are run, thereby letting the landlord know where best to run reports on this particular tenant. This feature not only improves accuracy, but can save the landlord a lot of money on broad searches.

The difference with Rentec's screening solution is landlords get reports for specifically where the prospective tenant has lived in the past with detailed granularity. This provides a far better result to the landlord than the typical, often outdated, nationwide reports many screening companies suggest as a first option to landlords. Other popular reports available are: SSN Validation gives a detailed address history and social security number verification to ensure they are who they claim they are. Bankruptcies, Evictions, Liens, and Judgments give a landlord an idea of any tenant's rental credit history and how well they have treated previous landlords and creditors. The nationwide criminal super search which includes nationwide criminal as well as sex offender records for all 50 states. Rentec Pro members get all these reports and more for a fraction of the price they would pay elsewhere and there is no setup cost.

Rentec Direct knows every landlord manages their property just a little bit different. As such they have built in numerous features and flexibility, such as tenant screening, into Rentec Direct to offer maximum accommodation to landlords while still keeping the system simple. They also know landlords want to spend as little time as possible managing their rentals, and every feature and component of Rentec Direct is built to facilitate a simple and speedy transaction with the least amount of effort on the landlords part. Many operations are completely automated which free up a landlords time every month.

Best of all, Rentec Basic is completely free and includes access to all these features, including access to the 30% discount Rentec Pro members receive on all background screening reports. Signing up is as easy as visiting Rentec Direct's website and signing up. It takes most less than two minutes to complete the process and any landlord or property manager can have a free property management software application, complete with tenant screening tools, at their fingertips only moments later.

To commemorate this milestone, for a limited time Rentec Direct is providing all landlords and property managers who signup for Rentec Direct a free SSN Verification and address history search. To take advantage of this free search, visit Rentec Direct to setup an account.

Based in beautiful Southern Oregon, Rentec Direct is a cutting edge software development group overseen by property owners, designing software directly for property owners. For further details visit:
Source: Rentec Direct

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