Trump Network Set To Launch

Trump Network Set To Launch WEST PALM BEACH, FL - The Trump Network, scheduled for full-on launch in Nov 2009 could beat all expectation and downsize the other Network Marketing companies. On June 12-14-2009,seven hundred highly motivated individuals gathered at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in Atlanta,Ga to learn about and discuss the launch of a new and exciting network marketing company, The Trump Network. On March 05, 2009 Donald Trump signed a contract buying out what was formally called Ideal Health. Says Mr Trump, "The Trump Network is designed to lead millions of people to better health and financial independence".

Members who have already reached Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Diamond levels shared exciting new information and new products such as Custom Essentials, Silhouette Solutions and Privatest, They also reported that since March thousands of people have signed up for Trump Network and it's only in its pre-launch stage!

Scott Stanwood, Vice President, Communications of The Trump Network reported that, In May 50% more people joined The Trump Network than the entire previous year. It's clear that a large and ever increasing number of Americans are choosing The Trump Network as a way of opting out of the recession."

The Trump Network is accepting applications right now before Mr. Trump launches his marketing campaign. Says one top Representative,"this will be the biggest media campaign in the history of network marketing. You will see Trump on shows like Oprah, The Tonight Show, Larry King Live, the Today show, and various other news media channels. The Network Marketing industry is the option when the economy is unstable.

With The Trump Network ,says Donlad Trump,"This should be a fun business where you have an opportunity to take control over the really important things in you life. Discover the difference between opportunity and success."

An icon like Donald Trump is certain to make the industry leaders look over their shoulder for this coming revolution . The Trump Network products are cutting edge technology that will improve health, wealth, lifestyle, and additional income to thousands of people."
Source: Trump Network

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