Private Capital Website Launched

Private Capital Website Launched Henderson, NV - Capital Fountain is an online marketplace and professional networking application for investors, lenders, entrepreneurs, and financial professionals. Focused on connecting a disjointed capital market system, the company introduces a new model aimed toward making the entire marketplace more accessible and efficient.

Capital Fountain integrates five distinct private capital markets - venture capital, private equity, small businesses for sale, business loans, and real estate capital - into a unified platform, creating The World's Largest Private Capital Marketplace.

The inspiration for Capital Fountain stems from the observation that private capital markets are interrelated and the conclusion that all participants benefit from the synergies available in a single integrated marketplace.

With equity, debt, and mezzanine investors on a single platform, Capital Fountain provides entrepreneurs with unprecedented access to the capital sources required for each phase in the development of a business or real estate project.

Investors and lenders also benefit from the synergies of an integrated model. Capital Fountain supports their diverse transaction preferences with access to a broad range of investment opportunities. Lenders can search through both Business Loan Applications and Real Estate Loan Applications. Equity investors can access Venture Capital Investments, Private Equity Investments, Small Businesses for Sale, and Real Estate Development Projects.

Capital Fountain was engineered to support the natural interaction of market participants across the entire private capital marketplace. In addition to providing a comprehensive spectrum of capital sources and investment opportunities, the platform enables advisers, brokers, and other professionals to create extensive referral sources by exploring a wide range of networking opportunities.

Organization is the platform's cornerstone. The unique marketplace structure allows members to easily navigate through the private capital universe. This architecture also preserves the detail required by a specialist with narrow investment parameters. Every capital request contains specific information used to render an investment decision. Each member profile includes detailed transaction preferences to allow for targeted searching. The result is seamless capital market integration without compromising the integrity and detail in any specific marketplace.

To establish a cohesive and organized marketplace of this scope, Capital Fountain combines functionality from three core applications: a multiple listing service, a contact management system, and a professional networking utility; each was developed with the latest web technology to insure speed, reliability, and performance.

Capital Fountain is a product of direct industry experience. "We have been involved in several transactions in each marketplace and understand how capital markets operate," says the Founder, Kevin Westberg, CFA. "We are committed to attracting quality deal flow and competent professionals. Every element of Capital Fountain including our revenue model is designed to align our interests with those of our members."
Source: Capital Fountain

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