SocialLinx Network Tools Released

SocialLinx Network Tools Released CAMAS, WA - There is a vast difference in income between real estate agents who use social marketing and provide a video tour for their listings, and those who do not. Only one percent of real estate agents use effective social marketing tools. They know how important it is to have potential buyers find them on the internet. Just having a website and using email is no longer enough. Top agents reach out to buyers. And when a potential buyer finds an agent on the internet, their first impression is critical. A quick response is important because buyers closely watch the clock after initiating a contact.

Yet so many agents are still trying to get their arms around this new social marketing on the internet. What do I do? Isn't MLS syndication enough? Where do I start? What do these tools do? How can I learn how to use them effectively?

To solve this problem, RealeFlix introduces SocialLinx to put the most valuable array of effective social marketing tools at agents' and visitors' fingertips. The easy access and use can give any listing exponential exposure. SocialLinx is a portfolio of social marketing features developed in an easy-to-use format.

"A RealeFlix full-motion real estate video provides a more informative and engaging listing than on most MLS services", says Josh George, Founder and President of RealeFlix. "SocialLinx now provides the avenues to increase the quantity of contacts in high potential markets."

Now it is easy to see how top real estate professionals increase their business. SocialLinx uses some of the same methodology FaceBook®, MySpace® and other popular services use for rapid distribution and growth. In addition, each account receives a customized Personal Library to show how to get the best of the SocialLinx features. It is a great time to develop and use these social marketing skills for property listings. RealeFlix SocialLinx can help improve the bottom line. See it on RealeFlix. Publish or view a full-motion video listing. Then click on "Share Listing" to see how easy SocialLinx is to use. Also check out the many other marketing services RealeFlix provides. specializes in professional internet marketing, distribution and management tools for real estate businesses. The goal is to bring the level of technology available in other industries to real estate sellers and buyers. RealeFlix has the skilled personnel, know-how and systems needed to develop, and deliver, full-feature technology for professionals and individuals. The onsite Web 2.0 features, make it unique in the market, and distinguish it from other real estate, MLS or video websites. RealeFlix eliminates the need to consider, and budget for, building an in-house technology department for Web 2.0 marketing. RealeFlix creates these services so anyone can easily use them.

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