Next Big Thing: Texting Residents

Next Big Thing: Texting Residents HOUSTON, TX - The creator of Tenant Txt Daniel Ellis says, "The inspiration for the website comes from living in for apartments for 7 years and noticing the lack of communication between management and tenants when community problems arise." He adds "With Tenant Txt - - the tenant can be well informed and management saves time by not going to every apartment and posting paper." It's at the point with technology that there is no excuse why management can't communicate with the tenants and vice versa. Text messaging and email serve as the 2nd and 3rd preferred method of communication next to verbal communication.

Using web based text messaging brings many benefits to both the management and tenant: Text messaging offers the management large cost savings over posted reminder letters or phone calls. Reminder and notification texts are discrete, personal and act as a reminder every time the tenant checks their mobile 'inbox'. Keep tenants safe by alerting your community if there is crime in the area. Rent reminders can be set up by tenant or management to reduce late payments.

Tenant Txt's service has been implemented in Texas and Georgia and has even caught the attention of apartment technology bloggers Gregory, Editor at Unplggd says "As a lifelong renter ourselves, we're always interested in resources that help the renting demographic with being heard and protecting their basic rights as tenants. So it's no surprise we're fond of Tenant Txt, a site that merges renter's rights with apartment management concerns through a simple email and mobile phone notification."

Tenant Txt's web based design makes it fast and simple to intergrate and virtually no training is required due to it's email like interface and live help button. No software needs to be installed and the system is accessible from any computer with a web connection making the website ideal to share in an office environment or throughout the apartment community.
Source: Tenant Txt

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