Enterprise Joins Web 2.0 Networks

Enterprise Joins Web 2.0 Networks COLUMBIA, MD - For more than 25 years, Enterprise has led the way in the affordable housing and community development industry. In keeping with tradition, Enterprise launched its social media presence. Those interested in the work of Enterprise and news from the affordable housing field can stay connected via social media websites facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube. With more than an estimated 180 million users on facebook and between 6 and 8 million users on Twitter, the addition of a social media presence has raised Enterprise's profile greatly.

"So many people now interact and gather their news from social media websites and so it was only natural that Enterprise, as a longstanding leader of affordable housing-related technology, would expand our profile on the Internet through social media websites," said Doris Koo, president and CEO, Enterprise Community Partners, Inc.

Active facebook users can become a fan of Enterprise by visiting facebook and searching for the words Enterprise Community Partners. Twitter users can follow Enterprise's "tweets" about our public policy efforts and green building achievements of our Green Communities initiative. Through Linkedin, professionals in the affordable housing and community development field can connect with their peers who work with Enterprise and its partnering organizations. YouTube users can subscribe to the Enterprise channel to watch and share videos that demonstrate the amazing work Enterprise does everyday to achieve its mission of creating opportunity for low- and moderate-income people through fit and affordable housing and diverse and thriving communities. To subscribe to the Enterprise channel, click on the Channels tab and search for Enterprise Community Partners.

"While we will continue to use traditional communications methods, such as our websites and newsletters, to provide updates to our partners, Enterprise is now connected with the online affordable housing and development community to support our larger strategic goals," Koo added.

Enterprise is a leading provider of the development capital and expertise it takes to create decent, affordable homes and rebuild communities. For more than 25 years, Enterprise has introduced neighborhood solutions through public-private partnerships with financial institutions, governments, community organizations and others that share our vision. Enterprise has raised and invested more than $10 billion in equity, grants and loans to help build or preserve more than 250,000 affordable rental and for-sale homes to create vital communities. Enterprise is currently investing in communities at a rate of $1 billion a year.
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