NWP Commits to Multifamily R&D

NWP Commits to Multifamily R&D IRVINE, CA - NWP Services Corporation (NWP), the leading provider of financial transaction processing solutions for the multifamily housing industry, today delivered a long-term commitment to research and development (R&D) investment in its resident billing, electronic rent payment and utility management services. "NWP's continued focus on delivering value to its customers is driving sustained, long-term financial success for their businesses and our company," stated Jim Charles senior vice president of NWP Services Corporation.

"Our opportunity to have a positive impact on the U.S. multifamily market through delivering breakthrough solutions has never been greater. Each of our three service categories, UtilityPay Manager, Resident OneBill and Resident ePay, is growing and we are uniquely positioned for strong performance as we help customers in multifamily, commercial, military, student housing, affordable housing and senior living optimize the use of technology that enables them to realize their full financial potential," Charles added.

In the last 12 months NWP's engineering and development teams introduced over 550 advancements, improving service quality and performance for customers. Over the next 5 years the company will invest significantly in R&D and innovation following a rigorous monthly development schedule to build on the solid performance of its core billing platform NWP 9.0 and product lines. Development will also extend to important new areas of growth in emerging businesses such as, smart meters, business intelligence, data warehousing, green initiatives, mobile devices, and distance learning technologies to drive additional operational efficiencies and financial benefit for customers.

"We are well-positioned to deliver a wide range of new solutions in the coming years that will provide sweeping new benefits for customers, new opportunities for the broader industry, and strong continuing growth for NWP," commented Michael Radice, president and CEO of NWP. "Our current services and planned technology advancements will help property owners automate the management of vast complexities associated with calculating recoverable utility expenses allocated across their resident base, such as vacant recovery and demand versus supply side energy management," Radice added.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, NWP Services Corporation (NWP) serves the multifamily housing industry as its leading financial transaction processing provider. NWP is known for its industry expertise delivering proven results and exceptional quality in resident billing, resident payment processing and utility management.
Source: NWP Services Corporation

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