Multifamily Innovation Advisory Council Turns Industry Blind Spots into Breakthrough Innovations Through Collaboration

Multifamily Innovation Advisory Council Turns Industry Blind Spots into Breakthrough Innovations Through Collaboration

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – The Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council announced today its formal launch with approximately 1.5 million apartment units being represented. The council is on track to grow to north of 3 million units by end of year, with a focus of being the catalyst for innovation, through delivering insight to leaders across the industry.

The Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council is led by Chairman Patrick Antrim, Founder and CEO of Multifamily Leadership, a media and events platform providing streaming content around technology, innovation, leadership, and investing. Antrim is an industry professional and producer of the highest-level events in the multifamily apartment industry, through their podcast network, conferences, and annual summits.

Serving as Chair of Technology Initiatives for the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council is technologist Kerry W. Kirby, Founder and CEO of 365 Connect®, a leading provider of automated marketing, leasing, and engagement platforms for the multifamily housing industry. Kirby is an accomplished entrepreneur, innovator, and industry influencer. He holds 95 technology awards, has presented in over 150 webcast reaching over one-million listeners from around the world, and is changing the way we think about the convergence of technology in the rental housing market.

Antrim and Kirby have built their careers collaborating with leaders in the multifamily space, and have been extracting the perspectives from investors, developers, and operators or more than 20 years. They have been meeting in individual and small group gatherings over that past two years to discuss a variety of topics, from shifting consumer expectations, reimagining the role of our workforce, and analyzing the way next-generation renters can be accommodated.

Daryl Smith, Chief Marketing Officer for Kettler stated, “The Multifamily Innovation® Council is a diverse group of intra-disciplinary professionals obsessed with a vision for innovation that will inspire the next generation of multifamily operations and leaders. I am extremely excited to participate, the discussions are timely and strategic, while inspiring me to imagine the calculus of innovation and its impact on our consumers and operations.”

Members of the Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council gain access to a diverse group of high-level multifamily owners and operators, where ideas are exchanged about deploying and using different types of technology, without investing valuable resources into a venture capital fund. Working together to identify opportunities and navigate obstacles, members openly share their experience in finding solutions that are the proper fit for their operations.

Mike Brewer, Chief Operating Officer at RADCO Residential added, "The Multifamily Innovation® Council allows me to see the signal in the noise. Gone are the days when I must sit through endless sales pitches without understanding which technologies truly meet the needs of my business. The council takes the hard work out of making informed business decisions."

The private invitation only group of council members attend weekly meetings to openly discuss real-world experiences related to utilizing technology across their communities. The members are void of any vendor influences and sales pitches to allow them to freely think through challenges they had or are having in deploying technology, as well as finding quality solutions for their operations. Council members also meet in-person annually at the Multifamily Innovation® Summit to join panel discussions, as well as celebrate the Best Places to Work Multifamily®.

Kim Boland, Director of Digital Marketing at Morgan Properties stated, “The Multifamily Innovation® Council allows me to not feel alone when evaluating and implementing new programs. They help me realize that other people are having similar experiences. Listening to feedback from other operators and seeing how they have planned, tackled, and succeeded in rolling out technology programs allows me to know that challenges are normal, and success is possible.”

Membership to the Multifamily Innovation® Council is by application only. Those applying must be with a firm that owns or manages a minimum of 1,500 apartment units. To learn about membership opportunities, visit

Source: Multifamily Innovation® Advisory Council

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