You can self-post a press release as follows.

Press Releases are self-posted through the admin panel, you can register on the site by clicking the “LOGIN” to see the options.

Guidelines for Press Releases

We moderate all Press Releases, approval is not guaranteed.

They must be related to rental housing industry.

They cannot offer products, services, or priced items for sale.

We do not take the headlines in all Caps.

Must have a city and state (in all caps - Example: NEW YORK, NY)

Do not date them, the system does that for you.

Press releases do not allow for photos (Only Headline News, which we manage) - do not use HTML to attempt to insert them - the posting will be denied.

We hate short headlines, look at the site for models – we do modify headlines to fit our format, or skip over if it is too much work

Newsletter Inclusion

There are a multitude of things that enable certain content to make its way to the newsletter, from industry relationships, the story, to just good old fashion timing.

Media Request

We publish news as it happens, and do not have editorial calendars or media kits.

Self-Service Model

This platform has been carefully crafted over the past 14-years by industry leaders, who did not want to be influenced by money – hence it is free. It is their gift to the industry, and for it to continue to be, it must operate as a self-service model – meaning we do not offer support beyond technical issues.

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