Collection Terms Blog -Part 1

Collection Terms Blog -Part 1
Part 1 of our Glossary of Collection Terms Blog

Glossary of Terms - In order to help people understand the collection agency business, here is a glossary of often used terms.

Accord and Satisfaction- Both parties agree to accept a settlement agreement and the claim is satisfied and discharged.

Acknowledgment- Admit, affirm, or confess; a partial payment of a debt is a acknowledgment of it.

Action- Case or lawsuit.

Actionable- Sufficient legal grounds for a lawsuit.

Affidavit- Written statement of facts sworn to or affirmed by someone who is authorized to administer oaths.

Agent- Someone who is authorized to act on behalf of another.

Arbitration- When a dispute is submitted to a third party who will decide the award in which both parties agree in advance to comply with.

Assignment- Transfer of property rights to another.

Bankruptcy- Federal procedure in which a debtor is relieved of total liability for his/her debts by making arrangements for their partial payment.

Bulk Transfer / Sale- A bulk transfer or sale of all or most of the business's supplies or inventory not done in the ordinary course of business.

Claim- Demand or assert a right, such as the right to payment.

Closing Letter- Letter sent out by attorneys when a file is closed.

Collection Agency- Third party agency that helps creditors get paid.

Commission- Compensation for services in the effort of collecting a claim.

Cost Advance- Sum of money advanced by the creditor from which court costs are to be paid with.

Counterclaim- Claim by defendant opposing the claim of the plaintiff.

Default Judgment- A judgment awarded when the defendant refuses or fails to respond or appear.

Defendant- Party sued in a lawsuit.

Demand letter- Letter sent to the defendant to notify the debtor that the client has hired someone to collect the debt.

Discharge- To pay one's debts or fulfill obligations.

Dismissal- Termination of a case prior to a normal end.

Execution- To carry out an act or course to completion. A process where an official can attempt to enforce a judgment.

Filed Answer- In writing the debtor states he will either pay the debt or disputes it.

Forwarder- A third party, such as a collection agency, that acts on behalf of a creditor which refers claims to an attorney for collection.

Forwarding Contract- A contract between the creditor or forwarder and receiver.

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