How Your Multifamily Community Can Create an Effective and Powerful Brand Story

How Your Multifamily Community Can Create an Effective and Powerful Brand Story

Data is everywhere. The tech buzzword has infiltrated every industry during the past few years, from Internet service providers to Silicon Valley startups. Now, the data craze has become apparent in the marketing world, so much so that you’d be hard-pressed to find a modern marketing campaign that doesn’t utilize it in some fashion. In fact, 88 percent of marketers use data obtained by third parties to enhance their understanding of customers. Paid ads, relevant blogs, targeted social media posts—they all depend on useful pieces of data.

Data is also used in brand storytelling, a modern marketing strategy first brought to the public’s attention by Google. Using colorful characters, relatable situations, and of course, a healthy dose of gathered data, brand storytelling provides consumers with a captivating message that engages them and packs a revenue-generating punch – just ask the 83 percent of top-performing marketers who already use storytelling in their content. When done well, personalized content shows that businesses care about consumers and seek more than just a transactional relationship from them.

The good news is that brand storytelling isn’t exactly rocket science. Its effective nature lies in its appeal to consumers’ emotion and intellect, which drives actionable insight. Consumers also respond positively, with 92 percent indicating that they want brands to create material that feels like a story. Despite the numbers, almost half of all marketers neglect to use storytelling to nurture their audience. This means, there is still time for your multifamily community to distinguish itself from the sea of properties in the modern rental market, who have yet to realize the power of storytelling.

Read further to learn the science behind storytelling and why your team should harness the power of this strategy to your advantage.

Great Storytelling Appeals to Consumers on a Human Level

The biggest reason to invest in brand storytelling is that people remember stories over facts. Stories lend weight to abstract ideas, making them easier to comprehend. Additionally, brand stories and their related content give your campaigns meaning and authenticity, which is hard to replicate with traditional marketing methods. Modern consumers no longer wish to feel “sold to,” and instead, crave a more personal relationship with the brands they choose to support. No matter how valuable factual data may be, it does not compare to a story that encourages recollection and fosters a positive brand-to-consumer relationship.

Powerful Brand Stories Elicit an Emotional Response

The neurological science behind brand storytelling can be broken into three parts: attention, connection, and action. With consumers’ attention spans shortening and digital content increasing, it has become all the more difficult to organically attract attention and facilitate connection with modern consumers. Storytelling allows a different narrative to unfold. As consumers immerse themselves in your brand story, they experience increases in oxytocin, the feel-good chemical responsible for human bonding. Aside from forming a positive association with your brand, oxytocin boosts consumers’ empathy levels and spurs action – meaning that your prospect will be ready to send an inquiry message or set-up a tour of your property if your brand story hits the right emotional chord. 

Effectual Storytelling Keeps Data at the Forefront

While storytelling is driven by empathy and human connection, its practice must remain rooted in data to be effective. Data forms the backbone of insight, granting marketers prime access to the core values of their target audience in order to influence their decision-making. By effectively utilizing data intel, odds are that your business’ targeted demographic will find meaning and worth in your company’s brand. Data functions as the primary “activator” for your brand’s message, building trust with consumers and encouraging them to pledge loyalty to your brand. With consumers’ loyalty, your brand will convert ordinary followers into ambassadors, who lend reputability to your community’s services.  

There are many ways to market your business in the digital sphere—websites, social media, business listings, and so forth. However, when it comes to creating memorable brand experiences, few tactics compare to brand storytelling. It’s very important for your brand story to promote your brand’s authenticity and encourage an emotional response from your prospect, without submerging them in cold, impersonal data. However, data is still vital in analyzing your target audience and appealing to their specific needs. With the power of words and numbers at your side, you can craft a memorable, relevant, emotionally gripping brand story that grips your interested renter and encourages them to act.

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