Disrupting Vacuam (Vacancy)

Disrupting Vacuam (Vacancy)

Vacuam is Latin for empty space. In the property management business we live and breathe around occurrences of empty space. Reality is that empty space is "non-revenue" producing. And, since our fixed costs of operations revolves around revenue generation eliminating vacancy is the best method for increasing revenue.

How do we disrupt vacancy? The first order of business is to determine the source of vacancy.  Next, we need to know average vacancy and then aggregate vacancy.

Vacuam is Latin for empty space.

Vacancy Source. Is the issue with credit quality or some other factor? Are residents remaining for the entire term of their lease or leaving early? If leaving early...why? Is maintenance being addressed timely or never? Are there competitive assets offering super incentives? Has street traffic increased or decreased significantly in recent months? 

Average Vacancy.  What are the average number of days vacant monthly for each asset you manage? How long is a newly vacated unit vacant? What is your turn time? Are you prepared for vacancy as it occurs?

Aggregate Vacancy.  Here is the scary number that you must know: how many days vacant at each asset each month multiplied by the most recent twelve months?  Is this number 100?  Is it 1,000? Multiply this number by the average revenue per unit per day and this provides the vacancy loss number in dollars.

Granted, this is the tip of the larger vacancy iceberg as we haven’t added in concessions, evictions in process, renovations and off-line units. Starting with vacancy source, reviewing average and aggregate vacancy will point you towards areas of concern allowing management to align action steps against the biggest offenders.

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