Five Low Tech Business Gadgets That Work

Five Low Tech Business Gadgets That Work

Going "low tech" in business?  What a concept!  In an era where  "apps"  response times are measured in Nano-seconds what chance does a low tech gadget have in this environment to promote your business?

In an average day how many emails, text and tweets do you review before getting  out of bed in the morning?  Don't say you're not checking.  If not  its only because your significant other is giving you "that look".   For others, both people are checking their phones... even before their feet hit the  ground in the morning.  Welcome to America.

Are there alternatives to this?  Is there a few "old school" tactics that still have relevancy?   I'm glad you ask.  Here are a few:

The Telephone.  While almost every business is loaded to the gills with wi-fi and wires we have at our disposal that old technology built-in the late 1800's still kicking around today: voice.  Email is great, text have their place, but sometimes a simple telephone call will get more done that 22 back-and-forth text ever will.  Try it.  I bet there is still one sitting on your desk.

Post It's.  In business, record keeping is important.  We want paper trails and completed files.  However, sometimes a simple Post It note is all that's necessary to move a project or file to the next step.  They are also wonderful for same day or next day reminders.

A Handshake.  Who gets up from a meeting without looking down at their phone to see what they missed whilst being  "stuck" in a meeting with real people?   Remember eye contact?  Remember handshakes?  Remember small talk at the end of meeting; that point of departure where sometimes the "real meeting" begins?

Listening.  Multitasking be damned.  Try doing one thing at one time.  And the hardest thing of all is to listen.  I mean really listen to the person you are in conversation with for the entire time of the engagement.  It could very well be thirty or sixty minutes.  I know you can do it!  Your ears will not start bleeding.

Thank You Notes.  Snail mail is cheesy.  Snail mail is irrelevant.  Snail mail remains a personal touch that has become passe' leaving this art form to those that actually care.  People receive so few personal notes, hand written notes, that when one does arrive it is truly memorable.

Note that four of the five "low tech gadgets" require no electronics.  All have a very low-carbon footprint so there is limited guilt that using them is adding to the  eventual demise of the human race.   Further more, each of these endeavors can be done with coffee. How good is that?

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