Should Businesses Block Social Nets?

Should Businesses Block Social Nets?
In its IT Solution Journal, Brian Watson with publisher Ziff-Davis posts on March 6, 2008:
We've written quite a bit about Web 2.0, looking especially at the impact these technologies are having on corporate IT.

What did we find? Some good and some bad.

Good or bad, it's clear that businesses are adopting these tools at rapid rates. (Check out our new research report on collaboration, which reveals many interesting points on the issue.)

But a new report from security software firm MessageLabs finds that companies are also blocking some access to popular Web 2.0 tools, namely social networks.

The firm points to dramatic rise in blocked Web sites last month due to security threats. According to the report, the number almost quadrupled, with businesses weighing the risks of users clicking on links in social networks and blogs that could lead to malicious Web sites.

This reflects one of the biggest-and barely whispered--problems CIOs and security pros face when evaluating Web 2.0: since these tools are so easily accessible, employees can use them without consulting their IT departments. Blocking access might be the best--and only--option CIOs and security pros.

That's not to say Web 2.0 doesn't have its advantages. But blocking them outright can stifle morale and innovation.

This writer believes that social networks can help the morale and educational level of property management staff at multifamily properties. The social networks already exist...why not make them more efficient?


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