Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Career in PM

Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Career in PM
A recent story on CNN noted that being a commercial property manager is one of the best 50 jobs to have with median salaries around $75,000. The rating further states our industry to have a personal satisfaction rating of "A" and job security rating of "B".

Training and certification(s) are keys to unlocking these opportunities. Here are my Top 5 Tips for growing your career as a property manager.

1. Education and training are crucial. Property owners know the best method for securing consistent revenue and maintaining expenses is to have well trained people- they know this is a solid investment. With education you are creating a transferable skill set.

2. Professional Designations in property management. Adding to your credentials sets you apart from the competition and confirms your commitment to the profession. Beyond a college degree, advanced training affirms your willingness to devote time, energy and effort to becoming a knowledgeable professional.

When considering designations, the right one depends on the size and type of property managed and whether or not your interest is in site management or asset management. Here are a few to consider.

•CPM – Certified Property Manager is a professional designation awarded by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) and recognized by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). This designation is the most established and takes the longest to acquire. It is well known and has a high level of acceptance industry-wide.

•ARM – Accredited Resident Manager is a professional designation awarded by Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

•CAM – Certified Apartment Manager is a professional designation awarded by the National Apartment Association (NAA).

•CAPS – Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor is a professional designation awarded by the National Apartment Association (NAA).

•RAM – Registered in Apartment Management is a professional designation awarded by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

3. Be a thought leader. As your career and experience advance, the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities you have become a valuable resource. With time and age people expand their knowledge from 1. Learning to 2. Doing to 3. Teaching. And sometimes from training to "training the trainer'. Being in leadership, people will want to be connected with you. Embrace this.

4. Incorporate new technology. Stay current. Be a first adapter. Be well read. The technology cycle continues to shorten. Seldom is there a full twelve months between new releases of… anything technology based. It is so very fluid. Many software programs are on a continual/automatic update mode. You cannot ignore this.

5. PM is a Global Business. Property management has a presence around the world. With quality training and language skills the world is your oyster in terms of job opportunities. If you are mobile, consider taking the best opportunity that can be identified- anywhere that fits your fancy; London, Athens, Bahrain.

Career choice is very much like taking a road trip; no matter where you start, it's always easier to get to the destination when the trip is mapped out first. Choosing a career in property management requires interacting with people of every stripe. Remember to think twice and speak once. It is an engaging and rewarding profession. Once you have decided to make property management your profession… jump in with both feet!

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