Multifamily WiFi - -Your USP?

Multifamily WiFi - -Your USP?
Below is an invitation to join me and multifamily WiFi expert Steven Ray, VP of Operations for PowerHour National WiFi [ ] for a free thought-leadership PowerHour on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern/New York time for a lively discussion about Multifamily WiFi: Your USP?

Since 1995, Ernest has spent 26,760 hours coaching/guiding leading property management companies and their teams, around North America - and is the author of SmartMatch Alliances,

Please join me and Steven on Wednesday, March 2nd for a discussion focused on Multifamily WiFi: Your USP? During this 60-minute conference call we will be discussing the points below plus fielding your specific questions:

1. As the leader of your property management team what is defined as a USP [Unique Selling Proposition]? How does USP impact the occupancy of the apartment buildings your own/manage? How does USP impact your ability to increase rents for new residents and maintain your current residents?

2. Why is industry research telling us that apartment wireless is the #1 amenity that residents are asking for? What does the research say about 64% of students being willing to move out - - entirely based on WiFi service/access and bandwidth?

3. What is your USP for amenities like swimming pools, fitness center and business centers? How do these amenities compare to the USP of WiFi?

4. As the leader of your property management team - -can your IT and/or tech team set-up WiFi internally? What are the pitfalls? What are the security liabilities and how does the FCC CALEA Law factor in? What kind of tech support does WiFi require from those on your property management team?

5. From a marketing perspective, how does your USP tie into your best resident amenities? And - -how can you use/leverage your USP in the marketing/branding of the apartment communities that you own/manage?

Registration Information

When: Wednesday, March 2nd

Please note, the above program starts at 3:00 p.m. Eastern/New York/Toronto time, which is

2:00 p.m./Central/Dallas/Winnipeg time

1:00 p.m./Mountain/Denver/Calgary time

12:00 p.m./Pacific/San Francisco/Vancouver time

Fee: No charge

To register, please go to the bottom of this page:

Recording is available after the call…but you must register for this program to receive it.

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