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Insights from 2010 NAA Paragon Award Winner Scott Tenney

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Listen to our FREE On-Demand Digital Media Webcast interview with 2010 NAA Paragon Award Winner Scott Tenney, CEO of Claye Properties, Inc. in his exclusive interview with property management expert Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour®. Scott’s 60-minute interview shares his strategies and techniques for success, as a property management leader and the winner of the 2010 NAA PARAGON Award Winner. This informative discussion takes you through the building blocks on how to create the drive and passion to build an award winning vertically integrated property management firm.

Interview Discussion Highlights

1. Steps for keeping strong team members on your management team.

2. How the economy impacting resident retention and payment trends.

3. The passion it takes to run a property management company.

Special Guest

Scott Tenney became interested in the apartment industry five years ago when he founded Claye Properties Inc. and purchased Gemini Gardens with his wife, Deb. After 18 months of renovations, Scott sold the 72-unit Texas community for a total ROI of 120 percent. Since then, he has purchased two more properties with a history of crime and drug activity and turned them into welcoming communities with occupancy rates in the mid- to upper-90s. Additionally, water conservation initiatives have decreased utility bills by over 30 percent. Scott is active in the Houston Apartment Association (HAA) and has taken Independent Rental Owners' Connection (IROC) classes and several CAPS courses. He regularly attends the HAA IROC breakfast and serves on the HAA IROC Committee Board. Known for his willingness to share ideas and cost-saving measures with other owners, Scott has become a mentor for countless new IROs who praise his humble personality and keen business sense. Scott's background in sales has helped him to develop a strong relationship with local vendors and suppliers. Claye Properties Inc. provides property management, acquisition and disposition due diligence for properties they own or seek to acquire. Scott has 25+ years of construction management experience and handles rehabs and repairs in-house. This allows for significant savings versus hiring outside general contractors. In 2008 alone Scott and his team managed over $2.5M in rehab for both reposition projects and catastrophic loss repairs.

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