Utility Expenses and Billing Errors in Multifamily Housing

Energy Cost Trends, Billing Errors, Savings and Refunds

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Listen to our FREE On-Demand Digital Media Webcast on Utility Expenses and Billing Errors in Multifamily Housing. Join property management expert Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour® and multifamily technology innovator Kerry W. Kirby, CEO of 365 Connect and MultifamilyBiz.com for this fast-paced MultifamilyBiz.com + PowerHour Digital Media Webcast on “Utility Expenses and Billing Errors in Multifamily Housing - Energy Cost Trends, Billing Errors, Savings and Refunds.” This lively, fast-paced 60-minute FREE On-Demand Digital Media Webcast, focuses on the changing landscape in utility billing procedures for multifamily housing communities. Learn the trends and best-practices that leading property management companies across the country are utilizing to insure their utility bills do not have mistakes, overcharges and costly errors.

Discussion Highlights

  1. How do utility companies create utility bills?
  2. What are the trends in billing and pricing procedures?
  3. Why do 80% of all utility bills have overcharges and mistakes?
  4. What are the possible savings from having utility bills audited?
  5. How are refunds being received from utility bill audits?
  6. What can properties do to lower their monthly utility bills?

PowerHour Utility Bill Audit Overview

PowerHour Utility Bill Audit has over 20 years of experience working with multifamily owners and managers around the country who are looking for ways to lower operating expenses and bring dollars back to the bottom line. Our PowerHour Utility Bill Auditing team is composed of attorneys, accountants, and auditors who specialize in auditing utility expenses to determine if your property is being overcharged. Most importantly, a PowerHour Utility Bill Audit is completely free. We charge nothing for the service: we only share in what is refunded or saved, meaning our multifamily clients bear zero risk in having a utility bill audit completed. Our clients include many of the nation's largest property management companies as well as countless smaller property management companies and owners.

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