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Best Practices, Exposures and Trends in Multifamily Insurance

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Listen to our FREE On-Demand Digital Media Webcast on multifamily apartment building insurance. Join property management expert Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour®  for this fast paced + PowerHour Digital Media Webcast on "Insuring Multifamily Companies & Leaders – Best Practices, Exposures and Trends in Multifamily Insurance.” This lively, fast-paced 60-minute FREE On-Demand Digital Media Webcast, focuses on the trends and steps that leading property management companies across the country are doing to protect and insure themselves to reduce their risk of financial exposure. This informative discussion takes you through the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls that property management leaders are facing related to multifamily D&O insurance, best practices for wrongful discharge, wrongful evictions, discrimination, worker's compensation, and the trends regarding insurance pricing this year.

Discussion Highlights

1. The cost to hire experienced D&O legal counsel is normally in the range of $300+ an hour. It is not unusual for property management companies to spend $50,000+ to make basic filings to try to dismiss a lawsuit. What are the 5 most important things to know about D&O insurance policies and coverage? What are the best practices for our industry?

2. As the leader of your property management company, what insurance coverage is required for workplace harassment, workplace discrimination, wrongful discharge, and emotional distress?

3. In our current economy, knowing the state of resident evictions, what insurance coverage does your property management company need to be protected against wrongful eviction allegations?

4. How are property management leaders around the country protecting themselves with Worker's Compensation coverage? What should your insurances policies include that will cover the contractors that work on your apartment communities and address their exposure to your property management company?

5. You send your employee to the bank with a deposit and they cause an auto accident. Your employee does not have automobile insurance and the injured party sues your property management company, are you covered for this? What are the best practices for this kind of insurance coverage across 40+ States in the property management industry?

6. Have you seen an increase in insurance costs in 2011? What steps are you taking to help control your premium costs?

Power Insurance Overview

Power Insurance & Risk Management Group is an expert in multifamily apartment building insurance. Power Insurance & Risk Management Group specializes in nationwide insurance products for your real estate insurance needs and specializes in products that protect your investments in the most appropriate and cost effective way, anywhere in the United States. Our professional team of insurance advisors has 22+ years of experience in the property management, multifamily and commercial insurance industry, specializing in residential real estate and commercial property insurance coverage. Our team is experts when it comes to apartment community insurance, apartment owners' insurance and multifamily apartment building insurance. Power Insurance & Risk Management Group provides coverage for your apartment and commercial real estate buildings, loss of rent or general liability, umbrella coverage, director and officer coverage, property management professional liability, building ordinance or law, equipment breakdown, workers compensation and employee dishonesty coverage.

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