CEO Series – Multifamily Wireless Internet Access Trends

The Latest Wi-Fi Trends and Usage in Multifamily Housing Today

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Listen to our FREE On-Demand Digital Media Webcast on using wireless internet access in multifamily industry. Join property management expert Ernest F. Oriente of PowerHour® on this + PowerHour Digital Media Webcast on “Multifamily Wireless Internet Access Trends - The Latest Wi-Fi Trends and Usage in Multifamily Housing Today.” This lively, fast-paced 60-minute FREE On-Demand Digital Media Webcast, focuses on the trends in multifamily wireless internet access and how apartment communities and leading property management companies across the country are using Wi-Fi to increase their competitive advantage. This informative discussion takes you through the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls that property management industry leaders face when providing Wi-Fi to their residents.

Discussion Highlights

1. How are some of the larger apartment owners in the country using Wi-Fi to differentiate their communities?

2. What is the difference between hotspots and community-wide Wi-Fi networks?

3. What are the Wi-Fi usage trends in student housing compared to conventional apartments?

4. What are the risks of installing your own Wi-Fi network? Are there network security liabilities that apartment owners and property management leaders should be worried about?

5. What are the legal implications of offering Wi-Fi? What is the FCC CALEA Law and the liabilities and fines associated with it?

6. Can the FCC really fine apartment owners $10,000 a day for not being CALEA compliant?

7. How does the FCC ban on exclusive-access Wi-Fi agreements put multifamily owners in the driver’s seat when it comes to offering Wi-Fi to their residents?

National Wi-Fi Overview

PowerHour National Wi-Fi is an expert in wireless internet access for the multifamily industry. PowerHour National Wi-Fi specializes in providing advanced high-speed wireless Internet access to apartment communities, commercial real estate buildings and other real estate related locations across the United States. The PowerHour National Wi-Fi team has worked successfully with many of the top 50 REITs and leading property management companies around the country, deploying wireless internet access solutions, which have played a leading role in increasing the competitiveness of their apartment communities in the marketplace.

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