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In today's ever-expanding internet marketplace, in which 90% of all housing searches start online, it is vital that multifamily owners and operators market their communities online efficiently and inexpensively. Through MultifamilyBiz.com's collaboration with its affiliate, 365 Connect, our Marketing Syndication Platform is changing the way communities are marketed, by automating the delivery of leasing data across the internet. With prospects searching across multiple websites, it has never been more important for communities to maximize their online presence.

Imagine a platform that from a single community based website is able to actually market your community across the internet, not just with words or fancy SEO talk, but with real live data feeds to other sites. The 365 Connect Platform is a leader in marketing syndication, we never stop questioning what exists in the market and continue to search for a better way. From its first marketing integration in 2010, the 365 Connect Platform has continued to create relationships with housing search engines and classified websites to deliver its client's leasing data and expand their reach across the internet.

Eliminate Redundant Costs...

The Marketing Syndication Platform is designed to place your apartment community in as many places as possible across the internet, and do it with seamless automatic updating. The Marketing Syndication Platform harnesses and syndicates information across the internet through multiple data feeds from the 365 Connect Network of Online Leasing Centers. The powerful MultifamilyBiz.com Platform serves as the data hub and entrance point for the syndicated feeds and provides a free detailed listing before pushing the information across the internet.

Going beyond traditional hosted websites, the 365 Connect Platform gathers and sorts data into bundles and then pushes in mass across the internet the most relevant data that apartment shoppers are seeking (photos, floor plans and pricing). Multifamily property owners benefit directly through the elimination of redundant marketing efforts, which normally consumes an extraordinary amount of management staff time and adds to operating costs. Your community is mass marketed across the internet without your staff lifting a finger.

List Your Community...

Listing you apartment community is so easy, you don't have to do a thing. If you have an Online Leasing Center from 365 Connect, your community will appear on MultifamilyBiz.com from the moment it is created. It will then be syndicated across the internet to high traffic housing search engines and classified websites to maximize traffic. If you do not have an Online Leasing Center from 365 Connect, you need to get to know them today! 365 Connect is the industry leader in designing and delivering an array of award-winning online platforms that work in unison with each other to market, lease and retain residents in multifamily communities.

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