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Multifamily Event Marketing

MultifamilyBiz.com, one of the largest websites of its kind in the multifamily housing industry, has a deep reach into the multifamily marketplace to draw top tier attendees to your multifamily industry conference or event. MultifamilyBiz.com delivers a web-based marketing solution that is cost-effective and clearly focused on the development of a strong Return on Investment (ROI) for your conference or event. Our strategy is specifically designed to draw attendees to your next conference or event by providing meaningful and relevant call to action placements, with total focus on maximizing brand awareness for repeat attendee loyalty. MultifamilyBiz.com marketing features will undoubtedly take your event to the next level and give your organization increased credibility and a heightened appearance of online professionalism.

Powerful Marketing Platform

MultifamilyBiz.com has all the online marketing tools you need to successfully market your multifamily industry conference or event from start to finish. MultifamilyBiz.com marketing tools including polished event email invitations, custom event web-pages and social media sharing tools to get your event noticed. At the core of our event marketing strategy is our call to action countdown clock, which is prominently placed across the top of the entire MultifamilyBiz.com site, letting attendees know time to sign-up is limited. The cost effectiveness and ability to hit the right people at the right time, makes MultifamilyBiz.com unrivaled by any other marketing avenue when it comes to events.

Custom Advertising Placements

MultifamilyBiz.com has one of the most targeted marketing platforms available in the multifamily industry today. With several customized promotional programs to meet your objectives, sections and features of MultifamilyBiz.com can only be sold to a limited number of organizations, assuring your conference or event prime marketing placements. Marketing placements may include a combination of tiles, banners, links, vertical banners, in-story ads, email newsletters and advertorials. If you want to drive people to your multifamily industry conference or event, MultifamilyBiz.com has the solution for you.

Available Advertising Placements

MultifamilyBiz.com has the following advertising placement locations available for 300 x 250 IMU (Medium Rectangle) IAB Standard graphic Ad units. All quoted pricing is per rotation / per ad placement. Client is to provide quality web-ready high resolution graphic. All advertisements and graphics are subject to approval by MultifamilyBiz.com, which has the sole and exclusive right to reject any advertisement for placement on its website.

Entire Website Span

Top Position - Event Countdown Clock

Homepage Section

Right Side - Rotation of 6

Headline News Section

Right Side - Rotation of 6

Press Releases, Industry Voices or Webcast Section

Right Side - Rotation of 6

Vendor Directory, Conferences or Video Section

Right Side - Rotation of 6

Apartments For Rent or Moving Center Section

Right Side - Rotation of 6

MultifamilyBiz.com Email Newsletter

Right Side - Single Advertising Position

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