The Habitat Company Assumes Management of 18 Affordable Housing Communities in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL - Chicago-based The Habitat Company, a leading U.S. multifamily developer and property manager, announced it has assumed management of 18 Chicago Housing Authority (CHA)-owned affordable housing communities in Chicago. The properties add 4,479 rental units to the portfolio of the Habitat Affordable Group, the company’s affordable housing division, which now operates more than 12,000 units across three states.

“Our longstanding partnership with the Chicago Housing Authority has been mutually beneficial and we are honored that the CHA continues to entrust us with the property management of their communities,” said Kimberly Sisney, vice president at Habitat Affordable Group. “We have doubled our support staff at the Chicago regional office to ensure we can provide our residents with customer service excellence and responsiveness for these additional 18 communities.”

The 18 CHA properties now under Habitat’s management are scattered throughout the city’s West and South sides and include: 

Long Life: 344 W. 28th Place; 116 apartments

Patrick Sullivan Apartments: 1633 W. Madison St.; 482 apartments

Albany Terrace Apartments.: 3030 W. 21st Place; 350 apartments

Fannie Emmanuel: 3916 W. Washington Blvd.; 181 apartments

Irene McCoy Gaines: 3700 W. Congress Parkway; 151 apartments

Lorraine Hansberry: 5670 W. Lake St.; 169 apartments

Alfred Barnett Duster: 150 S. Campbell Ave.; 129 apartments

Las Americas: 1611 S. Racine Ave.; 212 apartments

Armour Square: 3250 S. Wentworth; 393 apartments

Elizabeth Davis: 440 N. Drake Ave.; 149 apartments

Lincoln Perry Apts.: 3245 S. Prairie Ave.; 442 apartments

Mary Jane Richardson-Jones: 4922 S. Langley Ave.; 266 apartments

Ada S. Dennison-McKinley: 661 E. 69th St.; 125 apartments

Kenneth Campbell Apartments: 6360 S. Minerva Ave.; 165 apartments

Vivian Carter: 6401 S. Yale Ave.; 221 apartments

Minnie Riperton Apartments: 4250 S. Princeton Ave.; 335 apartments

Judge Slater Apartments: 4218 S. Cottage Grove Ave.; 402 apartments

Major Robert Lawrence Apartments: 655 W. 65th St.; 191 apartments

Habitat started as an affordable housing developer on Chicago’s South Side in 1971, growing to become one of the largest multifamily developers, owners and managers in the country. Today, the company is the largest private property manager for the CHA, with 8,215 CHA units in its portfolio.

“There’s not enough affordable housing in Chicago to meet demand, so it’s important that these residents are taken care of and the buildings maintained,” said Sisney. “The addition of these properties to our management portfolio supports Habitat’s goal of not only growing the portfolio, but also ensuring there is quality housing available across all income levels.”

Including market-rate units, Habitat’s management portfolio comprises more than 22,000 apartments across six states, of which more than half are affordable housing. 

About The Habitat Company: Founded in 1971, The Habitat Company is a full-service residential real estate company specializing in property management, acquisitions and development. One of the largest residential property developers and managers in the United States, with over $3 billion in assets and more than 22,000 units under management across six states, the company’s portfolio spans a range of property types, from mid- and high-rise condominium, apartment and adaptive reuse developments to senior and affordable housing communities. Headquartered in Chicago, with more than 800 employees throughout the United States, Habitat is dedicated to improving the communities it serves through innovation and a commitment to excellence. For more information, visit